Brad Berger, CFP®, CLF®, CAP®

Master Integrative Life Coach and Holistic Life Planner
Pacific Northwest, USA

About Brad Berger, CFP®, CLF®, CAP®

Brad is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, author, speaker, and coach who has three decades of comprehensive financial planning, coaching, and career counseling experience. Previously, Brad served with an international financial-planning firm, starting in private practice and culminating a 17-year career as the Director of Advisor Operations. Recognizing he wasn’t living the advice he routinely gave to both clients and advisors to maintain a balanced and high quality of life, he decided to return to private practice in 2008 in order to spend more time with his family and in his community and joined a financial planning firm that is more holistically aligned, where he is currently a managing partner and practicing planner.

Brad’s own journey towards balance and self-development led him to expand his own tools. Brad became a Master Certified Integrative Life Coach through Integrative Wellness Academy. He is the author of the book, Stop Trying to Keep Up with the Joneses: They’re Broke Anyway and is passionate about equipping people to live their ideal life.  Brad also serves on the faculty of the Integrative Wellness Academy and is the head instructor and creator of the Holistic Life Planner certification course.

Brad believes that life and financial planning are not events, they are part of a journey!


Founder and CEO - Ideal Life 360, LLC


United States Military Academy - West Point, College for Financial Planning, The American College, Integrative Wellness Academy, Vital Longevity Institute

Classes Instructed by Brad Berger, CFP®, CLF®, CAP®

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