Nikki Roda

Mindful Product Designer and User Experience Professional
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About Nikki Roda

I am an interaction designer who is interested solving tough usability problems by drawing on my background in research, data science, and user experience design. I revel in problems that challenge me to present complicated information, systems or process in a user-friendly way. I've had the pleasure of designing bespoke software solutions for government agencies, global developmental aid organizations, and large investment banks. I'm a passionate advocate for expanding data literacy and data-driven design within organizations to help inform better decision making.

I deeply believe that the skills I've developed in software development can be applied to ANY creative endeavor where human understanding is involved: spaces, processes, collaborations, books, films, courses, etc. I like to think of myself as a 'Dream Doula' - helping bring creative endeavors to life!

I'm embarking on a year+ long journey to redefine what work means to me. I've achieved the traditional markers of 'success' as defined by Western culture (good education, good job, good lifestyle) and found it unsatisfying because of how disconnected and the ways that lacking mindfulness enables one to 'succeed'.

I love the skills I have and the work I'm capable of providing and I'm hoping to learn and experience other ways of being to find my own unique path.


BA, Economics - Barnard College, Columbia University MA, Information Science - School of Information, University of Michigan
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