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There are many great courses, many great teachers online - but how many build their courses around a research-backed, digital-age, teaching approach? 


Activated Academy courses are developed around the teaching approaches (called pedagogies in teacher talk) of the Activated Classroom Teaching (ACT) model. These highly effective approaches, developed by Activated Academy's founder, Dr. Craig Blewett, are the result of years of research.

Activated Academy courses are unique. They are a blend of the best modern teaching approach, the best teachers, and the best content. Our motto is to ensure that while you're learning, you're also laughing and loving it!


Dr. Craig Blewett is a dynamic international speaker who has been involved in business, I.T. and education for over 20 years. With a PhD in IT and learning, he has taught and inspired everyone from politicians to corporate leaders, from parents to children, all around the world. In addition he work on how to teach effectively has been featured widely in international media, TV, research journals and books. This all means that Activated Academy courses are the highest quality, most engaging learning experiences available!

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