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At Lovely Leaps our focus is to give you the parent and your child a physical dance experience in the comfort of your own home. Each of the Lovely Leaps instructors have been trained to enhance your childs dance tecnique safely in the safet... read more
At Lovely Leaps our focus is to give you the parent and your child a physical dance experience in the comfort of your own home. Each of the Lovely Leaps instructors have been trained to enhance your childs dance tecnique safely in the safety of your own home through zoom classes. We want to give your child the gift of dance, body confidence and fun at an affordable cost to you! 
Dancing is the hidden language of the soul. As a parent, I know you would like to peek into the soul of your little one; Dance is the ultimate lens you want to use. Why dance? You might be thinking, aren't there other ways for me to connect with my child? Well, Dance is a whole entity that helps your relationship with your child and also helps in your child's development. Due to the pandemic, most dance schools closed but aren't we grateful for the Internet! We get to interact with your child at the comfort of your home! Do you have a child age 5-10 years?
Here are some benefits of Virtual Dance Classes With Lovely Leaps!
Sense of belonging
One of the most critical parts of a child's life is inclusion. Every child wants to be seen, heard, and loved. A child might feel invisible to the outside world, but once they're in a class with their fellows and tutors, the feeling of invisibility goes away, and all that matters then is Dance. The Leaps Family is there to help your child feel visible. It is every parent's wish to see their child comfortable in their skin.
Health benefits
While your child is moving around and dancing, they get to improve their motor skills. This, in turn, strengthens their muscle tone and weight and strengthens their bones to make them more flexible. Does this mean fewer visits to the hospital? Yes. Their cardiovascular activity improves tremendously. That's a big win for you, especially if your child has a phobia for hospitals, and don't they all. Another win for you is that they eat well from burning calories due to our short, sweet, high-energy classes. The best part is, they get a good night's sleep—no need for bedtime stories or breaking an arm or leg trying to get them to bed.
No child falls behind
Missed a class? No worries. You can get the Zoom recordings for the particular class. Your child can rewind and re-watch as many times as they would possibly want and perfect their moves for the next class. They can even re-do the steps as many times as possible after class.
Every child can express themselves whatsoever they background. They appreciate the beauty of life and get   greater meaning out of life as they interact with others during class.
Children thrive off routine. Your child acquires a self-taught sense of responsibility, and this becomes their thing! Probably the only thing they have. This is the only place they become their bosses. No child wants to mess that up; an opportunity to remind themselves of class hours and dance routines. Your child will learn how to do things independently, and this little sense of responsibility boosts their self-esteem.
A break for your parents! 
I know we all have so much on our plates as parents; probably some errands to run, a proposal to submit, a report, maybe? With dance classes for your child, you get a 30-40-minute break to at least write out that draft or submit that due report. We could all use that break. Even for a nap, every human being needs those.
Social skills
As your child interacts with their mates, they develop a sense of empathy, learn to respect their fellows, learn to share their time and space and appreciate everyone's differences. It helps them define themselves as their own little individual.
Cognitive stimulation
As your child dances, both sides of the brain are exercised. The right side caters for the creative and musical side, and the left is responsible for logic and sequences. This way, you get an all-around child. Also, as they dance, they need to get the steps right, which enables them to improve their memory.
If you maybe have a dance whereby kids are grouped in two's, both children need to understand their partner's movement. We could use some of these teamwork skills at home for sibling interaction, so you don't always have to worry about one biting the other's finger off.
Stress reduction
Your stress? Well, yes, but also your child's stress. As much as the stress levels between kids and us may not be the same, it is present. As your child dances, the brain naturally produces the feel-good hormones, endorphins, and this will help them attain calm and positivity. For the calm part, we sure could use some of that.
Master skills
If your child would like to thrive into a professional dancer, this is an excellent chance for them to master and explore the required material, gain a sense of performance, and desire to get the Dance right.
Trolls just wanna have fun. At the end of the day, all your kid wants and needs is a fun environment. While we may not be in a position to have fun with our kids due to our schedules as parents, they get to have fun interacting with people just like them, passionate instructors in the Leaps family, and fun movements. Dance is not about competition, so there is absolutely no pressure to perform. It's just a place for your child to be themselves.Dance is the most basic and relevant of all forms of expression. Lovely Leaps wants to help your child love themselves more. We have classes for ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip-hop. The price of course depends on the type of Dance you want for your child.
The benefit of these virtual class is that it connects kids from around the world through Dance. You don't need that babysitter you're always looking for. Lovely Leaps is the best virtual, safe, and efficient babysitting service you'll ever need. If your child loves Dance, well and good. If you're not sure whether they do, you can give it a try. They can learn to love Dance and be active with the Leaps family. Our in-person studio is located in San Diego, especially Escondido, CA, so feel free to drop by. In case you're not in the area, visit our website to fund out more about our virtual classes and prices. Sign up for classes today!

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