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5 Ways to Ensure Subject Verb Agreement in your College Papers - 2021


Well, here we are. Writing college papers when we would rather be doing anything else in the world.

Isn’t that just awful?

But what can we do? Life goes on and we must write our essays. But we make the whole process a lot better. How?

Well, for one, I can teach you all about subject-verb agreement. I learned it when I asked others to write my papers. Really! That was my trick all along. That’s how I learned how to write papers.

But if you wanna do this yourself then you should know how to ensure subject-verb agreement.

Here’s how.


Guideline #1: The Singular/Singular Rule

This is the simplest and most basic rule that you need to remember. If the subject is singular then the verb is also singular.

Simple right?

I can even give you an example of write my essays if you want. For example, you can say that “Sarah is the manager at her firm”.

Now, I used the word “is” over here instead of “are”. Why? Because we are talking about Sarah and Sarah is one person i.e., singular.


Guideline #2: The Plural/Plural Rule

This is just like the above-mentioned rule. In essay writing service , make sure that when the subject is plural, then the verb is also plural. Just take the example that I have given above. I am gonna modify it a bit.

We can say that “They are acting as co-managers at their firm”.

See the difference? Here we are talking about “THEY”. “They” can be any number of people in this context but the point is that I used “are” with “they”.


Guideline #3: Multiple Verbs

So, let us say that we have more than one verb. Ok? And those verbs are divided in your sentence by many different types of words. Hmmm?

What to do now?

You have to note that you have ONE subject and your verb will always correspond to that subject. Even if you have many verbs.

So, the above two rules apply. If the subject is singular then ALL verbs are singular and if it is plural then ALL verbs are plural.


Guideline #4: Subject-Verb Discontinuity

Yikes. This is a tough one. As an essay writer, I can tell you that most people hate this. But it is an important rule so read carefully, alright?

Sometimes what happens is that lots of words like nouns or pronouns come between the subject and the verb. So, what to do now?

Do we look at those nouns? Pronouns? NO! We look at the subject only.

For example, “The student, will all of his degrees, is very motivated.”

“Is” because “student” is the subject.


Guideline #5: Compound Subjects

Another complex issue.

In this case, what happens is that we get a compound subject. Now, this subject has either nouns or pronouns that are both singular and plural.


We have a solution for this one as well, with an example.

Example: Either the online dissertation writing members or the student writes daily.


This is the rule of proximity which states that the verb will agree with the subject closest to it.


Bonus Tip: Writing Companies 

I mean, you want to ensure everything is perfect, right? Well, you can do that by contacting an essay writing service online.

What they will do is this: they will write you an essay with the perfect subject-verb agreement in EVERY sentence. Yes, really.

Then what you can do is learn from them.

These companies came into existence to help students so I don't see why you can’t get their help.

So, you need to search for such a Custom thesis writing online and learn how to write the best essays.


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