Dr. Rich Blonna

Your Guide to Less Stress and Better Sex
Marco Island, Florida, 34145, USA

About Dr. Rich Blonna

Dr Rich Blonna is a world-renowned expert in understanding how the mind and body work together to reduce stress and have better sex. He is a retired Professor Emeritus from William Paterson University in NJ. For over 25 years he has devoted himself to helping people just like you stress less and have better sex lives. As a Coach (BCC), Counselor (NCC), and Health Education Specialist (CHES) he uses the best practices from each of these disciplines to help people stress less and have better sex lives.  He is a noted author and trainer in the area of Acceptance and Commitment  (AC) Coaching, an approach that helps people become more psychologically-flexible, reduce their stress,  and get the most out of their relationships. Dr. Rich is also certified in Naikan and Morita, two forms of Japanese psychology that use mindfulness and acceptance to help people shift their focus off  of  unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and actions and onto behaving in ways that reduce their stress and enhance their sexuality and their relationships.


'13 - President, Dr Rich Blonna LLC , '86 - '14 Professor Emeritus, William Paterson University, '90 - '13 President RJ Health Consultants, '96 - '02 Adjunct Professor Thomas Edison College '86 - '96 Lecturer Newark STD/HIV Training Center , '82 - '86 Adjunct Instructor, Temple University, '84 - '86 Public Health Education Consultant, NJ State Dept. of Health '76 - '84, Public Health Field . Supervisor, NJ State Dept. of Health


5/86 EdD Health Education/ Counseling, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 6/76 MA Education Counseling, Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ, USA.

Classes Instructed by Dr. Rich Blonna

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