Ania Zwara

Watercolor artist and illustrator
Reda, Poland

About Ania Zwara

Hi, I’m Ania

...and I'm a full-time watercolor artist, graphic designer and suface pattern designer based in Reda, Poland. I'm a flower lover but prefer to have them on paper so they will not fade ;) ...wife, mum of 3, architect by profession (graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology) ...and artist from birth... My creative soul never stops dreaming that’s why I chose a freelance creative path instead of an architect career. Although undoubtedly architectural studies gave me a solid creative base. In 2016 I set up my own business which is the result of a great passion for creating both graphics and paintings. 

...daily life as a full-time mother gives me a lot of inspirations as well as the surrounding nature and the world that is changing. Every day, is a challenge to get the new ideas for both new artworks and their use.

...I think that the only way to achieve the intended skills and effects is everyday work and practicing what you already know...

I want to teach you and show you that painting is relaxation, tranquility and great satisfaction ... even if everyday life tries to prove to us that we do not have time for it!

Visit my Instagram for some daily inspiration @mamafabrics . You can also find me here: Fb/mamadesignconcept or on my web site or just feel free to email me: :)


Owner in Mama Design Concept sp. Z o.o.


architect by profession (graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology)

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