Dr. Jeffrey Fox, PhD

Rocky Mount, VA

About Dr. Jeffrey Fox, PhD

Dr. Jeff Fox is the owner of Fox Public Safety: Training, Education, and Consulting LLC. Dr. Fox provides training and education in a variety of disciplines including homeland security, emergency management, public safety, management, and training.

Dr. Fox served for 27 years in the field of criminal justice, 21 of which were with the VA State Police. He began his law enforcement career as a military policeman in the U. S. Army and served as a town police officer, trooper, sergeant, first sergeant, and lieutenant. He served as a field lieutenant with the state police and served as the assistant training officer where he managed the daily operations of the training academy. He also served as the statewide incident management program manager for the VA Department of Transportation in the operations and security division.

Dr. Fox has been teaching at various colleges and universities since 2001. He retired from state service as the Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor for the Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness and Criminal Justice Cohort Programs for VA Commonwealth University in Martinsville VA.  He served as an Assistant Professor and Chair of the Public Safety Adult Degree Completion Programs (Bachelors) [Criminal Justice and Homeland Security & Emergency Management] for a private college in Virginia. While the assistant training officer for the VSP he collaborated with the University of Virginia and together, they created the National Criminal Justice Command College (NCJCC). He was Associate Dean of Public Safety Programs for a community college in NC.  He serves as the Homeland Security Program Director for a large University currently.  

Dr. Fox spent 20 years instructing at various criminal justice academies in a plethora of criminal justice and leadership courses. He served on the executive advisory board for the American Board for Certification in Homeland Security. He was a Fellow (member) of the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute where he held a Level 4 Homeland Security Certification. He has completed the Federal Emergency Management Agency Professional Development Courses and was certified through the VA Department of Emergency Management as a trainer for incident command system training courses. As a practitioner, he was involved in the response and management of all types of events such as major disasters including floods, hurricanes, snow/ice storms, and the largest traffic crash in Virginia history. He managed and responded to civil unrests, protests, a sniper attack, dignitary protection, special event planning, and many major crimes. He has investigated and or managed the investigation of every type of crime imaginable.    

He has taught well over 730 criminal justice and homeland security/emergency preparedness classes which included over 20,000 academic classroom hours. Approximately 80% of these courses have been online. He has taught over 85 criminal justice topics in police academies, which included over 4,000 hours of classroom instruction.  He has served on over 35 boards or committees relating to criminal justice, homeland security, or training issues. During his career his has received over 167 awards and commendations ranging from lifesaving attempts to excellence in teaching.


Owner Fox Public Safety – Educator, Trainer, and Consultant; Associate Dean; Program Director of Homeland Security; Program Chair; Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Adjunct Professor; Program Coordinator; Statewide Incident Program Manager; Lieutenant – Assistant Training Director; First Sergeant, Sergeant, Senior Trooper; Corporal, Officer, Military Policeman


PhD - Business Administration – Specialization in Homeland Security; MBA - Specialization in Criminal Justice; MS - Criminal Justice Administration; BLS - Criminal Psychology and Sociology; AAS - Police Science; Southern Police Institute - Administrative Officers Course; Administration and Management of Training - Institute for Law Enforcement Administration; Managing the Training Unit (IACP); Commonwealth Management Institute -VCU; Virginia State Police Academy - Basic School; Regional Criminal Justice Academy - Law Enforcement Basic; US Army, Basic Training and Military Police School.

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