Anette Norgaard

Voice teacher and performance coach
Copenhagen, Denmark - New York, USA

About Anette Norgaard

Anette has been a voice teacher of both speech and singing 
in New York City ​​for more than a decade.
She teaches vocal performance workshops, group classes and individual lessons.
She has recently released the book The Vocal Paradox about her teaching methods.
Anette is also a recording artist, a songwriter, an actor and a voice over artist. 
Anette is originally from Denmark where she graduated from The Danish Academy of Musical Theater (2004). During her time at school she ended up with an injury on her vocal cords (a polyp) and subsequently had an operation. The efforts of fully recovering from her surgery spurred her into understanding vocal science, vocal pedagogy and a deep interest for 'the human condition' as it interacts with the voice. 
As she recovered, she discovered that she now had a new set of tools she wish she had had as a young singer, and set out helping others understanding their voice, and why they might not be accessing its full potential.


The Vocal Paradox - Know Your Voice


The Danish Academy of Musical Theatre, William Esper Studio, Vocal Coach Certification at Performers Career Center, New York

Classes Instructed by Anette Norgaard

1+ hour

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