Dr. W Marc Boyd, Jr

Physician, OB/GYN

About Dr. W Marc Boyd, Jr

Dr. Boyd is a Board-Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist licensed in Florida and Illinois with strong clinical experience performing over 8,000 deliveries, 900 minimally invasive advanced daVinci robotic surgeries, and director of Women's Healthcare at Unity Point-Methodist for 10 years. Dr. Boyd has been practicing obstetrics and gynecology for over 26 years and continues to pioneer advancements in women's healthcare. He enjoys time around the table with great meals and family, traveling, reading, studying the Bible, cycling, and snowboarding. His faith-based compassionate care has lead him to help advance numerous areas in his field including but not limited to:

  • Leader in managing women's health issues.  
  • Early adopter of creating and directing an Obstetrical Laborist program. 
  • Expert in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery with the advancement of daVinci Robotic Surgical System.  
  • Special interest in nutrition and educating the medical community and the public on the effects of obesity.  
  • Disease specialization proficiency.  
  • Multi-site and single-site daVinci certified.  
  • Advancement of office-based surgical procedures.  
  • Creator and director of the first Laborist program in Central Illinois.  
  • Director of Women's Healthcare at Unity Point-Methodist for 10 years driving policy and implementation of core service.  
  • OB/GYN Department Chairman for 6 years. 
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine for OB/GYN and Family Practice Residents - University of Illinois at Peoria.  
  • Developer and Director of Multi-Disciplinary Committee for the Department of Obstetrics (The model was subsequently used as a template for other hospital departments). 
  • Directly involved in developing an active daVinci
  • Robotics program and developing guidelines for maintenance.  
  • Medical Director and President of the Laborist program, directly involved in all aspects of quality management.


Physician, OB/GYN, Course creator


M.D. D.O.

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