Vladimir Svistelnik

Bangkok. Thailand

About Vladimir Svistelnik

Teacher Vlad is the only teacher who makes lessons based on the Synergetic Language Matrix (SLM). SLM shows a sentence structure and grammar elements in rainbow colors and in pictures, students understand without translation and can learn English easily and quickly. Beautiful English learning system is a unique, beautiful and very effective speaking training program designed to help students to get automatic speaking skills and start speaking fluently and correctly. Beautiful English lessons cover the whole course of English grammar and enable students to start learning English from zero and go up to any level they want. The main goals of the Beautiful English learning system is to help English learners to understnd English grammar and to get enough speaking practice to become literate and confident in English. Start learning English with our free courses right now and go up to any level you want!    


English Language Teacher at Kornpitacksuksa School


Academy of Humanitarian Education (Bachelor of Linguistics). TEFL Courses (English Language Teacher).

Classes Instructed by Vladimir Svistelnik

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