George Kingsnorth

Filmmaker, 3D Artist, Writer & Educationalist.
Newry, County Armagh, Northern Ireland

About George Kingsnorth

I have been a Media lecturer for 17 years initially at UCE Birmingham and more recently at the Southern Regional College, where I was the Course Coordinator on the HND in Interactive Media Production and the new HND in Creative Media Production for three academic years. I now work independently developing my own courses.

Over the past six years, I have produced over 200 video productions including long-form documentaries and short videos for a range of clients and for my YouTube channel.

My academic work involves designing and implementing courses from BTEC First Diploma Level 2 through to HND Level 5 courses; internal verification; planning and grading assignments; reviewing equipment and software needs for both classroom and studio-based work; and pastoral care for students. I have also had a key role in setting up the NI Skillset Academy between 2006 and 2008.

I have over 35 years of experience in digital video, film, and television, primarily as an editor but over the past 25 years also in production. I have worked for the BBC NI, UTV, RTE, and many independent production companies. I have written numerous short scripts, which have been put into production and screened either in film festivals or broadcast on UK television. I have developed one of my feature film screenplays called 'The Fall' into a published novel and set up the new publishing company, Gullion Media Limited in 2008. I have been working with new authors to publish their books. To date the company has published 4 books: 'The Fall'; 'Hidden' ( both authored by George J. Kingsnorth); 'GeoCache' by Errol Bader and 'Stripping it back' by Billy Dixon.

With Jeff Marshall, as co-producer, I have written and directed an award-winning low-budget digital feature film called 'Fiddler's Walk'. I am currently producing a feature film called 'Monty's Quest'. In addition, I am co-producer, co-director, and editor of the feature-length documentary 'Bleeding Pines of Turpentine' (BPOT) about the devastation and recuperation of the long-leaf pines in North Carolina and how this has affected the local community. BPOT was the opening film at the 2nd Newry Film Festival 2013 on 16th September 2013.

Over the past couple of years, I produced and directed a documentary called 'Higher Quality of Disagreement' which brings together people of different faiths to talk about their differences and similarities helping to form new friendships talking the discussions to a higher level.

I am currently developing a Master of Arts qualification in Micro-budget Digital Film Production, and a new documentary called 'The Invisible Tree'.


Freelance Filmmaker & Educationalist


Master of Education Master of Arts in Media Studies Postgraduate Diploma in Further & Higher Education Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Television Technology & Production Postgraduate Certificate in Humanities (Popular Culture) Open University BA in General Studies Higher National Diploma in Film & Television Certificate in Theology & Lifelong Education

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