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Learn How to Figure out a Fake ESA Letter – Guide



Emotional support animals are incredible, and they are a great source of joy and comfort, especially for those of us who are dealing with some kind of stress or problem. These pets keep their owners calm and stress-free after a ton of licks filled with love.

After choosing your pet friend as an ESA, the most important part is to get a legitimate ESA letter for your pet. Various organizations offer you a valid ESA letter for housing in a few hours at attractive prices. And here you come under their influence. You think that they have given you an exact emotional support animal letter, but either such letters are not legally up-to-date or fake. So, faking an ESA letter even accidentally cannot save you from the legal actions.

There are two types of ESA letters: for housing and for airlines. An ESA letter can be received from certified specialists.


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How to figure out if the letter is fake

  1.   Hustle-Free Letter; a magical promise:

Remember! Albeit, the idea of a hustle-free letter looks too good. However, the process involves certain steps from applying for a letter to gaining approval and then issuance. For, it is a legal document and takes considerable time for paperwork.

  1.   Look for the Missing details:

If your letter misses important and inevitable details, it is not only a red flag but can also cause public embarrassment. Your ESA letter must contain all the details I mentioned in the previous section. it is a red flag, should it miss any of those.

  1.   Look for irregularities:

It is important for you to check your doctor’s state license. Additionally, the doctor must be licensed to practice in the state you live in.

  1.   Customer support absence:

If you want to avoid falling victim to fraud, you must check the following parameters:

Ø  A copy of the emotional support animal letter; preferably, a blank one.

Ø  You must check your availability following the issuance of a letter.

  1.   Missing the process of evaluation:

Your mental assessment and evaluation by your professional are the first two steps towards the issuance of emotional support animal letters. If someone claims that s/he can get you a legitimate letter without getting evaluated from a professional letter, don’t bother listening to such claims.

Let suppose you want to have an emotional support animal letter; you must be aware of what that letter should contain.

What an ESA Letter Must Contain:

  •         That you have a disorder recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) such as fears or phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, or depression.
  •         That the practitioner penning the letter is treating you for this condition.
  •         That this disability impairs your ability to conduct certain activities of everyday life, from living on your own to traveling by plane and including walking, washing, dressing, or otherwise cleaning or caring for yourself, or speaking, hearing, sleeping, working, or learning.
  •         That an ESA would help relieve some of the symptoms of your disability or disorder enough that you could engage in those activities.
  •         Mental health doctor’s letterhead and signature and date of issuance.
  •         LMHP’s license number, the state that issued the license, date of the license, and license type.
  •         The letter must confirm that a pet as an ESA is crucial for your mental health.
  •         The letter must explain as to how your ESA will help you cope with mental problems.
  •         Details about you and your ESA are not necessary but sometimes doctors include this info.


Some people might be thrilled to know the benefits and emotional support animals can bring in a person’s life dealing with mental health conditions. They are so thrilled to know that they can fly to any destination with their pet in hand and can move into an apartment with a pet at no extra charge.


So, they start searching for the ESA agencies that provide such a letter. This article will definitely help you to spot fake agencies, find a legitimate letter, and save you from embarrassment.


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