Matthias Ernst Holzmann

German voice over, Singer, Author, Composer, Producer

About Matthias Ernst Holzmann

I am a professional opera singerjazz and pop singercomposerspeaker and voice imitator,authoraudio producer and video producer, working in my own sound studio under my own label and with my own publishing company.

I have 30 years' worth of experience as a music producer and 20 years of experience as an opera singer.

I have composed soundtracks for the German television channels ARD and ZDF, performed at the Frankfurt Opera and the Bayreuth Festival, as well as charting at number 4 in “Top Songs Opera" of the British ITunes Charts with my singing and my music production.

I currently work as a german audiobook narrator, a composer and producer for Zyx Records in Germany , as well as a voice-over artist.

dubbed the chinese emperor in the cinema movie "Brotherhood of Blades" in 2015 in german language.

Classes Instructed by Matthias Ernst Holzmann

57 minutes

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