Barry Nicolaou

#1 Best Selling Author, Course Creator & Corporate Advisor
Sydney, NSW Australia

About Barry Nicolaou

Barry's ability to locate and define drive & purpose in dream chasers have led him to the publication and #1 Best Selling ranking of his first book; The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment.

National talks, keynote addresses, online workshops and corporate webinars are Barry’s passion as he deconstructs the layers beneath cognitive fear, subconscious paradigms, Inherited thinking and their intimate relationship to real-world expectations and experiences.

Barry's main online course offered here on tabletwise covered in his book incuding finding, locating and monetizing your purpose and passion.  are long viewed to be the pinnacle of a blueprint for the studen that focuses on strengths. Barry's corporate services are taking off as barry brings a sence of core purpose produced for Individuals, students and corporations who seek Inspiration by forming an immediate blueprint on strengths while simoultaniously identifying fear-based and inherited thinking practices that may not always serve us.

Barry is a specialists at diving into a deeper understanding of subconscious paradigms as a primary asset and driver for internal fulfillment and external success.

For a full outline of Barry's online corporate services that are delivered online, please drop an email to for detailed list.


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