Chris Petrocchi

To draw portraits well you've got to have the Juice!

About Chris Petrocchi

Mr. Petrocchi has been working in the entertainment industry for 20 years as an animator, storyboard artist, art director and concept artist. Currently he is freelancing in both the game and illustration industry and teaching at the Walt Disney Family Museum as well as various art schools in the bay area and has taught at the Academy of Art University, San Jose State University and the Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier. Mr. Petrocchi had the privilege of working overseas in Shanghai, China for Concept Art House as an art director and concept artist. Previous to working as a concept artist he worked in the industry an art director, 2D animator and storyboard artist working for TV and film projects.

Some of his clients include companies such as Magic The Gathering, EA Redwood Shores (Godfather, Lord of the Rings, The Simms), EA Maxis (Spore), Factor 5, Activision, THQ, Wildbrain (Layout Artist), Warner Brothers (Storyboard) and Colossal Pictures (2D animator). Mr. Petrocchi lived in China for 3 years and worked as a teacher while continuing to freelance as a concept artist and illustrator. While there he also lectured and gave demonstrations on several occasions on the subject of concept art in Shanghai at Fantasy China Cartoon and Game Convention, and at Beijing's Central Academy of Fine Art.

In his spare time he likes to sing, play guitar, read and dance.

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