Nina Rondon

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Mental Health Advocate and Founder of
Brooklyn, New York

About Nina Rondon

Nina is a Syracuse University alum graduating with distinction in writing and rhetoric and honors in religion.  Utilizing writing as a healing tool, venturing the world of self-development and creativity, Nina is the founder and creator of SparklyWarTanks is not only an online space where she can express herself through her writing, but also a space of freedom and vulnerability for her readers.  Nina writes poems, bulletins, notes, articles, and motivational quotes to influence change in self-love and self-awareness. Nina continues to build her brand and name creating avenues of creative expression for those who read and engage with her content.

Also a mental health advocate, Nina writes for several websites as a freelance writer, one being where she is a Community Leader and Mental Health Events Host.  She's hosted open-mics, support groups and gathering centered on self-care, creativity, and mental health advocacy. Along with working with The Mighty, Nina volunteers with NAMI (The National Alliance On Mental Illness) where she tells her story battling anxiety and depression to high school and middle school students in the boroughs of New York City. 

Nina is certified in mental health awareness, mindfulness, and life coaching and hopes to give back to her community of Brooklyn, New York through her advocacy.


Freelance Writer, Blogger, Mental Health Events Host


Syracuse University Bachelor of Arts with Distinction

Classes Instructed by Nina Rondon

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