Ivo Tiemessen

Co-founder ProCcare and sports recovery specialist
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

About Ivo Tiemessen

Ivo Tiemessen (Ph.D. human movement science) serves as a co-founder and recovery specialist at ProCcare (May 2015). His interest in cooling and heating as a recovery- and therapeutic modality originated in 2008 when cold and heat became a hot research topic and started to become implemented in (sports) practice.

In his works, he focusses on recovery regimes and its thermophysiology, the clinical effects described in the literature, and the integration of this knowledge into concepts that can help (sports)practice.

He is an experienced researcher in applied research, working with several elite athletes, and organizations including the Dutch Army and fire brigade, presented at several conferences throughout the world and tutors at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam and the HAN Arnhem, the Netherlands.

ProCcare aims to bring the care athletes and patients to the next level by speeding up recovery and improving rehabilitation. ProCcare creates an optimal environment for cold and heat applications (local cryo- water immersion- whole-body cryo) through educational programs and unique software solutions. Customized to every athlete or patients/ needs.


Co-founder ProCcare & CustoRec


PhD, Human Movement Science, Master in Coaching

Classes Instructed by Ivo Tiemessen

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