Daleela Morad

Elly Award Winning Dancer/Author/Instructor
Sacramento, California, United States

About Daleela Morad


Daleela Morad has taught the time honored belly dance for over 20 years and has been performing for over 30 years. She is the recipient of the prestigious Elly Award which honors outstanding achievement in the dramatic arts. Daleela holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and trained in dance with Master teachers in Egypt. She also holds a minor in music. In her classes, books and DVDs she fuses her expertise in psychology and dance to present belly dance as therapy for body, mind and soul. She is the author of two belly dance therapy books: Belly Dance Wisdom and I Know Who I Am When I Belly Dance 

Daleela began belly dancing as a freshman at the University of California, Davis. Belly dance helped her balance a heavy academic workload with a low impact physical activity that she discovered is more than meets the eye. She discovered that this dance form is also psychologically therapeutic because it helps to counteract the masculinizing effects of what is still largely a patriarchal culture. Daleela connected to an ancient past when women danced together in a culture that nurtured sisterhood. Belly dancing with other women in the context of a sisterhood has brought her considerable balance and harmony in a fast paced, technological information era. She wishes to share this medicine with other women lacking balance and harmony in their lives.


Daleela offers online belly dance courses, workshops and performances in the art of the belly dance. In her other life, she is also a shamanic practitioner.


Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, Music Minor, Credentialed Teacher, Author of two dance therapy books.

Classes Instructed by Daleela Morad

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