Dr. Stella Karageorgi


About Dr. Stella Karageorgi

Stella Karageorgi is a fine artist, a teacher, and a creativity consultant. Stella holds a Doctorate in Fine Art practice since 2013, from the De Montfort University in UK. Previously to that she studied her BA in Fine Art & Art History as a Fulbright Scholar in the USA, at the University of Texas, 2001-2005, and her postgraduate studies in the UK, at St.Martins College of Art & Design and the University of Northampton. Her intention is to help creative people unfold their greatest potential and guide them on their creative journey.

Stella currently offers private online tutoring for art students and mentoring for creative professionals, as well as consultation on various topics on creativity, art business, creative research methods, cultural heritage and many more.

Learn more about her at www.stellakarageorgi.com

Classes Instructed by Dr. Stella Karageorgi

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