Dr. Kevin S. Hairston

Follow Your Dreams, Reach Your Goals, Be Happy
Columbus, Ohio

About Dr. Kevin S. Hairston

Dr. Kevin S. Hairston is currently the Senior Pastor of Living Word Bible Fellowship Church, in Columbus, Ohio. As Pastor/Founder of Living Word Bible Fellowship, the church has experienced tremendous growth numerically and spiritually.

For over 20 years, he has worked for non-profit and for-profit corporations. He's served as a Senior Pastor of various churches, Vice President of an real estate investment group, Executive Director of a community development corporation and Diretor of a Statewide National non-profit organization.

Dr. Hairston is an exceptional platform speaker who inspires, motivates, and entertains his audience large and small. When he steps up to the podium, Dr. Hairston brings value to your meeting, special event or conference.

He's an exceptional fit for presentations ranging from educational programs, organization leadership workshops to keynote presentations. His presentations, coaching, and writing prepare participants for embracing change, challenge, and growth with personal strength and confidence.

Dr. Hairston's inspirational messages help listeners gain perspectives and understand the scope, depth, and breadth of the possibilities in both their personal and professional lives. He believes if he can reach one person, their impact will affect growth for their organization.

Contact Dr. Hairston directly and find out how he can provide a valuable speech or leadership workshop for your organization. 

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