Jeremy Old

Business improvement specialist, author of 'Reinventing Management Thinking', psychotherapist and trainer
UK based

About Jeremy Old

Jeremy Old has over thirty years’ experience as a business improvement and change management specialist in multiple business sectors. In recent years he has guided clients through fifty-six major business improvement assignments using his powerful blend of psychology, leadership, systems thinking and the principles behind the Toyota operating system of Hoshin Kanri. More recently he is applying this wealth of knowledge to applying mental health first aid principles at work.

His hands-on experience, rescuing many failing concerns and helping others grow, led him to write “Reinventing management thinking – Using science to liberate the human spirit”. In this book he explains how you can literally transform productivity and enterprise value using the latest psychology and neurobiology.

Jeremy's basic theme in his coaching work and training is that conventional management methods invariably violate key emotional drivers. And this inevitably has a ruinous impact on productivity.

His book outlines what Jeremy calls his 'thirty organisational stressors model'. This model helps a manager identify the most common stressors in the workplace that in some way violate one or more of the emotional drivers. As a result, these stressors trigger the stress response among employees and it is this stress response that is responsible for generating a range of problems such as faulty decision-making, mistakes, conflict, slow working and employee disengagement. In turn these problems undermine productivity and performance and are often seen as the root cause of organisational failure.

More leaders now recognise that a happy low-stress workforce is a productive workforce. But how do we create a happy workforce without losing control and creating chaos? Jeremy applies his long experience and knowledge of psychology, systems thinking and Hoshin Kanri to his training courses to give you the answer. He adds to this recipe a wealth of down-to-earth and immediately deployable techniques, principles and methods that are largely cost-free to apply.

Jeremy's wealth of practical advice will show you how it is relatively easy to transform organisational destiny by attending to the emotional drivers and removing the thirty organisational stressors.


Managing Director of Team Business Development Ltd, author of Reinventing management thinking


Jeremy has a masters degree in business administration (MBA) and is a qualified psychotherapist

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4+ hours

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