John Tozeland

Transformational Therapist and Trainer
Winnipeg, MB. Canada

About John Tozeland

John Tozeland has over 40 years of experience using evidence based techniques that integrate ancient wisdom to treat present day problems

“My passion is to be the catalyst that assists people in achieving their goals and realizing their personal potential. My mission is to honor the skills and knowledge I have gathered over the past 40 years by passing that on and assisting in the magic of healing.”

In the world of those who walk their talk, John Tozeland  is a giant. Whether he’s traversing the globe in search of the mysteries that abound, or braving immediate post 9-11 fears to share his knowledge with students in Dubai, or skillfully guiding one on a personal journey of self-discovery, the total congruency and focus with which this man walks the line is an inspiration. John possesses the wisdom to allow for many roads to the one truth and the grace to guide one on their own personal path. At first blush John twinkles with a contagious joie de vivre. And beneath that gift is a highly intuitive man who plants the seeds of empowerment everywhere he goes.

John Tozeland combines powerful mindfulness and cognitive therapy techniques of Accelerated Change Therapies with the Ancient Traditions from around the world. that teach us that everything is energy, your body is energy, and emotions are energy in motion. If we repress the emotional energy, it sets up blocks in our body, stops the natural flow of energy, and leads to discomfort. There is an incredible amount of evidence that discusses the connection between stress and trauma, with physical health challenges.

In order to assist most effectively with the release of emotions tied to past trauma and current stress, John uses Ancient Healing Traditions combined with modern Mindfulness and Cognitive Techniques to heal the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit.

Accelerated Emotional Release Therapy creates deep long lasting change, rewiring the neurological system. These techniques are very effective with youth as well as adults.


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John has over 40 years of experience as a Social Worker, Therapist and Trainer working both in the public system and in private practice both at home and travelling all over the world to teach. Most notably, the United States, England, Hawaii, and Dubai


John has a Bachelor of Social Work degree and is a Master Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy™ and Accelerated Emotional Release Therapy

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