Steve Seidel

Award-winning Founder of The Seidel Agency, a medical marketing accelerator
Lexington, Kentucky, United States

About Steve Seidel

Steve Seidel is an Award-Winning Founder, Speaker and Consultant with 15+ years experience building, branding and marketing socially conscious companies in healthcare, entertainment and technology.

Seidel helps established corporations and emerging entrepreneurs grow by delivering impactful messaging and marketing, as well as cultivating a culture of positivity.

Recently Seidel has spearheaded multiple 8-figure acquisions using his proprietary "From Looking to Booking" method. 

Whether you're a Forbes 400 company or just starting up, his mission is to take you to greatness, while leaving our world a better place. 

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Steve loves his Philly sports, and is a big fan of incorporating a team oriented approach in every solution, with a goal of always delivering a win-win-win.



Founder & CEO of The Seidel Agency, a healthcare marketing agency


BS in Industrial Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.

Classes Instructed by Steve Seidel

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