Majbrit Bøttger

Certified High Performance Coach

About Majbrit Bøttger

My name is Majbrit Bøttger and I am one out of 200 elite Certified High Performance Coaches in the world.

I’ve been working with the concept of High Performance since 2012 and my story began when all of a sudden, my life fell apart. I was a train wreck, I woke up one morning and realized that I had lost my willpower, my courage and especially my overview. I felt completely lost…

In the middle of this chaos I was fortunate to meet the brain behind this High Performance process, the founder of High Performance Institute and famous writer Brendon Burchard. 

He made me realize that the only one who could regain control of my life was me and he gave me all the necessary tools and strategies to do it. The same tools and strategies that are the common denominator for the most productive and influential people in the world. That helped me to a reach a new level far beyond what I ever imagined and that’s when I decided to share my knowledge with others.

Now you can benefit from this process…

Take your life to the next level, regain control and become a High Performer. 

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Classes Instructed by Majbrit Bøttger

2+ hours

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