Gabriela Lopes

PhD, MMgmt, BBus

About Gabriela Lopes

Gabriela has been an investor in properties and in the share market for the last 25 years; whilst working in the real estate market, investment sector, being a postgraduate lecturer, and also a single mum.
Over the years she has helped clients from all walks of life, and have noticed that what stops most people from getting ahead financially in their lives is that they don’t have their daily personal finances organised in the first place.
Nail Your Finances is a couse created to help you transform your mindset, habits, and to help you organise your finances.
The course was designed based on Gabriela's personal experience, skin in the game, and on how she personally manages her finances.
Enough of having your money controlling you!
Get your finances organised, save more money, and build a life you deserve.


PhD (Macquarie University, Australia) MMgmt (ACU, Australia) BBus (PUCRS, Brazil)

Classes Instructed by Gabriela Lopes

2+ hours

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