Malcolm Huxter

Lismore, NSW Australia

About Malcolm Huxter

Malcolm Huxter is a clinical psychologist and teacher of Buddhist meditation. He has been teaching mindfulness and related practices such as loving kindness and compassion to clinical populations, clinicians and the general pubic for over 30 years   Mal originally learnt these practices as a Buddhist monk in Thailand in the late 1970’s. Mal has written several mindfulness-based workbooks, published in psychology journals and magazines and had a book called “Healing the heart and mind with mindfulness. Ancient path, present moment” released in 2016. He works in private practice and regularly teaches on courses, workshops and retreats. Malcolm likes to teach a balance of insight, serenity and the four divine abode mediations.   He utilises traditional Buddhist wisdom as well as the insights and knowledge of contemporary neuroscience and psychology to teach an integrated approach to healing and awakening. He is a loving partner, proud dad of three adult sons and a doting granddad. He currently lives and practices in the Northern Rivers area of Northern NSW, Australia.


Clinical Psychologist and teacher of meditation


Diploma of Art, Diploma of Remedial Massage, Batchelor of Arts, (psychology), Honours (psychology), Masters of Psychology (Clinical)

Classes Instructed by Malcolm Huxter

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