Kelly Hodgkins

Brand strategist
Hilton, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

About Kelly Hodgkins

I have been passionate about marketing since I was young and particularly enjoy strategising, creative direction and social media. Understanding the client’s target market well enough to speak their language and win them over is a favourite too.

I had the privilege to grow up in an entrepreneurial home where my mum ran her own marketing consultancy, Purple Mookiting. What free time I had after school and during holidays was spent working in the business and I am now a full time consultant and co-member. Marketing has always been a passion as is psychology. The two disciplines complement each other and I regularly use my psychology principles in the workplace.

Social media are dynamic and rewarding. Reaching a target market is made so much easier and creating engaging posts presents an opportunity for creativity. With direct feedback from customers and prospects, it allows me to get in touch with the market and interact with them. I just love it! I do understand all the jargon and change can feel overwhelming and confusing and I enjoy sharing how to work with platforms like Facebook in a simple, easy to follow way that allows the student to use them confidently.

I love my friends, my horse and my dogs. I love music and play piano (well) and guitar (poorly). I love art and design. I love reading and am constantly searching for new books. I am obsessed with good coffee, beautiful clothes, gorgeous shoes and fun jewellery.


Purple Mookiting


Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Marketing and Psychology

Classes Instructed by Kelly Hodgkins

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