Julie Cook

Emotional Intelligence Instructor and Coach
San Francisco Bay Area, California

About Julie Cook

After earning her B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, Julie worked at Hughes Aircraft for six years.  During this time, however, she realized that working on satellites did not align with her true passions:  teaching and helping people become happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

Consequently, Julie went back to school and earned her Master's Degree in Health Education, with a specialization in Holistic Health. She worked, professionally, as the Department Chair and Professor of Health Occupations at Contra Costa College for 20 years.  In her personal life, she worked on improving her mental, emotional, and physical wellness -- which led to the creation of a holistic, simple, yet powerful method for applying emotional intelligence to daily life, called the Emotional Wisdom System.  

Julie now develops and teaches online courses in emotional intelligence and other health occupations for Merritt College and Tabletwise.  She is also an emotional intelligence coach via online sessions through her business, Life Enhancement Programs. 

For more information, contact Julie at emotionalwisdomsystem@gmail.com, or visit emotionalwisdomsystem.com.



Merritt College, Contra Costa College, Life Enhancement Programs


B.S. Electrical Engineering, CSUF; M.A. Holistic Health Education, JFK University; Certificate in Emotional Intelligence, 2014;

Classes Instructed by Julie Cook

1+ hour

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