Ian Craig

Nutritional Therapist & Exercise Physiologist
Johannesburg, South Africa

About Ian Craig

Ian is a nutrition and lifestyle practitioner, writer and teacher, who likes to challenge the status quo of modern nutritional and medical beliefs - those limited beliefs that do not serve the world's health. He works with complex modern health imbalances, such as autoimmunity, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, plus gastrointestinal complains, and the myriad of weight management challenges. Additionally, Ian is the author of his 'fresh' educational book Wholesome Nutrition, and he is the founder of the Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition international certificate course. 


the Nutritional Institute (www.thenutritionalinstitute.com)


BSc Physiology & Sports Science; MSc Exercise Physiology; BSc Nutritional Therapy; NLP Practitioner - International NLP Trainers Association; Wellbeing Coach accredited and ILM registered coach

Classes Instructed by Ian Craig

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