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Key differences between Chicago 16th & 17th Edition - Researchers' Guide


Chicago style is one of the most frequently used citation and formatting methods in modern-day academic writing. All the formatting styles are updated after some time and in the past Chicago 16th edition was used and in recent times the 17th edition of Chicago citation style was introduced. The introduction of a new edition does not mean that the whole process of citation will be changed. A few new features and options are introduced in the new edition so that the college paper writing service style could be improved over time.


Some of the common features which are found in both Chicago 16th and 17th edition

The features that remain the same in all editions of Chicago style include;


The format of the title page

In all formatting styles, the title page has to be written in a specific way. The title page format in Chicago style should start with the author's name at the top. In the next line, the subject on which the essay is written has to be stated. The next line should contain the name of the instructor that assigned the task to the writer. Lastly, the date should be mentioned in the last line. All of this should be written 2/3 of the way down to the page. An essay writer service is a common assignment given to students hence they should know how to format the title page in Chicago style as it shows how professional the writer is.


Number pages

All pages in a Chicago-style paper should be numbered so that it is easier for the reader to understand the content of the document. Along with the page numbers, the last name of the writer should also be stated in the header section of the page.


Indent the paragraphs

Like all other formatting styles, the paragraphs in Chicago formatting are also indented. Each of the paragraphs needs to be 0.5cm indented to follow the set standards of the Chicago format.


Adding the citations in the footnotes

Each of the citations made in the essay should be mentioned in the footnotes as well. The thing that differentiates Chicago style from other formatting and citation styles is that in Chicago all the citations are added in the footnotes. If the writers are using different software for citation such as Zotero the custom essay writing service of the author and the link of the source are automatically added in the footnotes.


References or bibliography at the end

The last page in Chicago formatting is considered to be the references page on which all the sources used in the document need to be listed. As mentioned before if the writer is using software for citations the references page will be generated automatically.

Major differences between Chicago 16th and 17th edition:


The titles for websites

Different titles are treated differently in the new 17th edition of the Chicago style citation. An example of this includes that if the title included in the document is of a newspaper or related to the print industry it has to be written in Italics. If the title belongs to some other source then it has to be written in the normal font used in the document.


The use of ibid

The all-new 17th edition of the Chicago manual discourages the use of ibid. The main purpose of this is to avoid repetition. Instead of this shortened footnotes are added in the 17th edition.


More details are given in citations

In this edition, the year of publication is replaced by the day and month on which the source was released. This gives accurate details to the readers making the work more professional. Due to this, pay someone to write my paper industry is negatively affected online. 


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