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Helping Tech Leaders get a next-level role by learning to influence executives and better sell their own value

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B$1,271.04  B$1,526.27
R4,500.52  R5,404.24
Лв447.90  Лв537.84
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₪922.43  ₪1,107.66
₱14,371.15  ₱17,256.93
¥38,763.07  ¥46,546.82
MX$4,135.54  MX$4,965.97
QR903.35  QR1,084.74
P3,373.63  P4,051.06
KSh32,619  KSh39,169
E£11,680.59  E£14,026.09
ብር14,262.72  ብር17,126.72
Kz211,006.83  Kz253,377.68
CLP$222,729.93  CLP$267,454.82
CN¥1,798.57  CN¥2,159.73
RD$14,509.66  RD$17,423.25
DA33,459.07  DA40,177.76
FJ$554.82  FJ$666.23
Q1,934.45  Q2,322.89
GY$52,090.74  GY$62,550.72
ISK kr34,434.21  ISK kr41,348.71
DH2,466.18  DH2,961.40
L4,382.85  L5,262.94
ден14,081.16  ден16,908.71
MOP$2,000.95  MOP$2,402.75
N$4,531.72  N$5,441.71
C$9,150.75  C$10,988.25
रु33,193.48  रु39,858.84
S/925.01  S/1,110.76
K966.24  K1,160.26
SAR933.76  SAR1,121.26
ZK6,322.41  ZK7,591.97
L1,139.47  L1,368.28
Kč5,656.78  Kč6,792.68
Ft88,677.49  Ft106,484.21
SEK kr2,668.52  SEK kr3,204.37
ARS$220,800.75  ARS$265,138.25
Bs1,720.35  Bs2,065.80
COP$947,984.85  COP$1,138,343.26
₡127,425.46  ₡153,012.90
L6,132.95  L7,364.47
₲1,865,522.01  ₲2,240,124.83
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