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Fredfort Consulting Learning & Development (FCLD)

Business Management Consulting Firm providing business improvement courses for leaders & professionals

$120.69  $201.15
A$175  A$301.20
₦49,999  ₦100,000
د.إ538.45  د.إ928.37
£100  £172.41
R2,333.30  R4,022.93
€116.67  €201.15
CA$165.22  CA$275.38
S$163.44  S$272.40
HK$941.69  HK$1,569.49
CHF 107.68  CHF 179.48
NOK kr1,271.87  NOK kr2,119.78
DKK kr841.38  DKK kr1,402.30
NZ$197.02  NZ$328.36
৳14,178.70  ৳23,631.18
₹10,082.45  ₹16,804.09
RM568.81  RM948.01
₨33,616.30  ₨56,027.17
฿4,424.73  ฿7,374.56
₺3,968.04  ₺6,613.40
B$658.26  B$1,097.11
Лв220.74  Лв367.90
₩167,750.31  ₩279,583.85
₪451.29  ₪752.16
₱7,106.10  ₱11,843.51
¥19,177.87  ¥31,963.12
MX$2,208.93  MX$3,681.55
QR441.09  QR735.16
P1,636.24  P2,727.08
KSh15,508.66  KSh25,847.77
E£5,757.25  E£9,595.42
ብር6,977.33  ብር11,628.88
Kz103,128.96  Kz171,881.60
CLP$112,541.01  CLP$187,568.35
CN¥876.36  CN¥1,460.61
RD$7,133.16  RD$11,888.60
DA16,243.95  DA27,073.25
FJ$270.67  FJ$451.12
Q936.54  Q1,560.90
GY$25,246.10  GY$42,076.84
ISK kr16,821.77  ISK kr28,036.28
DH1,203.39  DH2,005.65
L2,160.39  L3,600.66
ден6,947.91  ден11,579.85
MOP$970.08  MOP$1,616.81
N$2,190.87  N$3,651.45
C$4,451.50  C$7,419.17
रु16,149.05  रु26,915.09
S/462.23  S/770.39
K471.52  K785.88
SAR452.74  SAR754.57
ZK3,080.88  ZK5,134.80
L561.51  L935.85
Kč2,812.52  Kč4,687.53
Ft44,853.33  Ft74,755.55
SEK kr1,268.29  SEK kr2,113.82
ARS$109,317.52  ARS$182,195.87
Bs833.88  Bs1,389.81
COP$503,515.03  COP$839,191.72
₡63,215.49  ₡105,359.16
L2,990.67  L4,984.45
₲910,141.97  ₲1,516,903.29
$U4,753.28  $U7,922.14
zł488.89  zł814.81

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