4 Simple Steps to Dissolve Trauma Triggers and Conquer Fear For Good, and Rising Into Unshakable Confidence !

Join the RISE UP Challenge for a transformative six-hour training designed to dismantle the fears, patterns, and habits that keep you stuck.

4 Simple Steps to Dissolve Trauma Triggers and Conquer Fear For Good, and Rising Into Unshakable Confidence !

Join the RISE UP Challenge for a transformative six-hour training designed to dismantle the fears, patterns, and habits that keep you stuck.
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About the Program

Embark on a transformative six-hour journey with the RISE UP Challenge, meticulously designed to help you deep dive into and dismantle the fears, patterns, and habits that keep you stuck that find their root in old buried trauma.

This intensive training is structured to guide you through a series of empowering stages, each aimed at unlocking new levels of self-awareness, resilience, and personal power, where you literally turn your traumas into treasured wisdom, insight and purpose.

Discover the tools and techniques essential for overcoming barriers to your growth and learn to live a life defined by courage, integrity, and authenticity. Join us to break free from the constraints of the past and step confidently into a future of limitless possibilities.

Why I am the 'perfect for this moment' guide?

Because I have been where you are.

I know the struggle of trying to make sense of yourself

The struggle of self sabotage

The struggle of feeling unworthy and not enough as a result of traumatic experiences that left imprints of harm.

I have walked the trenches of trauma, in my own life and come out to live my dream life, which at its root includes the ability to be self aware and self regulate so that trauma triggers no longer have the power to highjack my inner world.

Though this is only a 6 hour training, it is jam packed full of insight and wisdom that can catalyze a new momentum forward for you.

I have witnessed this result in others, which is why I have made this series a course. I teach a common sense spiritual approach integrated with science, biology and mysticism.

If you don't experience at least one aha moment that broadens your inner space to expand to new possibilities and insight, I will refund your investment after first having a live zoom call with you.

The micro shifts are what build the momentum to the larger macro shifts we are looking to experience.

Each class is full of non-conventional wisdoms and ideas, that is rarely found in most offerrings, because I go to thye depth of what I share.

I would love for you to experience the inner freedom that comes from learning these wisdoms and practices.


If you are looking to develop these skills and traits:


Self-awareness and Self- Mastery - Understanding personal emotions, strengths, weaknesses, and drives, gaining deep insight into your survival patterns and mechanisms 

Emotional Regulation - Learning techniques to manage and express emotions effectively and constructively.

Resilience - Building the ability to bounce back from setbacks and maintain personal progress towards goals.

Integrity Development - Cultivating and reinforcing core personal values and behavior that aligns with your soul,in all aspects of life.

Authentic Communication - Enhancing the ability to communicate thoughts and feelings genuinely and respectfully.

Confidence Building - Gaining confidence in your ability to navigate stressful situations and make decisions that bring you your next step forward

Inner Peace and Harmony- Bring an end to the internal sandstorm in your mind and emotions, connect to your innate core that is inner peace and balance

Empowerment - Learning to recognize and claim personal power, leading to increased influence and effectiveness.

Mindfulness - Practicing mindfulness to enhance concentration, enjoy the present moment, and improve overall mental well-being.

You Are In The Right Place!


Did you know that we're born with only two biological fears?

The fear of unknown cracking sounds, and the fear of falling.

Every other fear we experience is manufactured by our family, society, culture, and our own minds!

Fear is the biggest head trip we all get caught in, especially when it comes to listening to the call of our soul to follow our deepest dreams and visions for ourselves.

The fact is, all fears, except the two inherent ones we're born with, are a bunch of B.S. - Belief Systems!

But here's the good news! It means we have the power of choice to rewrite our beliefs, to new beliefs that reflect and amplify universal immutable truths and laws that empower our inner forces of creation to shift our momentum towards what we really want to create and experience.

Another hot fact! The biological lifespan of any and all human emotions is only 90 SECONDS!

You might say, "But how can that be? I can cry and feel pain and suffering for hours, days, weeks, and months!" Well, yes, you can. There was a time I could too, but beyond the 90 seconds, it's no longer a biological cause, it's our B.S. - Belief Systems and Misaligned Mindset that are the cause of our prolonged suffering and pain.

The power is within us to become the Master of Our Mindset. Once we Master our Mindset, that's when the REAL MAGIC in life starts to unfold.

I have spent my life learning and practicing a multitude of healing practices, world wisdoms, and sciences on my quest to conquer my fears so that they no longer have the power to hijack me at any given moment.

That has led me to develop my 6-step system that has helped thousands of my clients break free of the chains of fear and self-doubt, to rise into their authentic soul nature and expression.

In this recorded webinar, I am sharing the first 4 foundational steps of this system.

The final two can only be revealed during 1-1 coaching because uncovering your unique path to empowerment can only be done in this way. These final steps are a personal journey with me guiding and supporting as the deeper layers of past trauma imprints and patterns emerge. We all need direct support for that leg of our journey.

These four videos will, however, give you a great running start, growing towards living your best life where you live life on your terms, no longer burdened by the past, but instead lifted and supported by it.

If you feel like the last two steps call you, you can reach out to me here, and we can explore the possibility of working 1-1.


You have an open mind and a deep inner hunger for change.

You are empathic, meaning you have an inner sensitivity that helps you perceive subtlties that most are oblivious to

You have and appreciate common sense, and humor, to encounter your inner world

This video series is for anyone looking to know themselves better to embark on the journey of creating their best life.



Luannah Victoria Arana

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Additional Details

Language: English
Level: Beginner
Skills: Resilience, Stress Management, Confidence
Age groups: 18-65 years

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