"Come and See My Farm" Educator’s Resource: Early Childhood Music

Learn how to run a successful musical experience by “singing and playing instruments using a folk song”.
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About the Product

Come and See My Farm cover

Music teaching made easy

What will you learn from this product?

This download package makes it easy for you to teach children how to sing and play along to the song ‘Come and see my farm’ on simple classroom percussion instruments — and even get to the point where they create their own instrument song about farming.

After this experience, you and your children will have a new folk song from Argentina in your repertoire to remember for life. If you wish, you can perform it for the peers and families of the children.

  • Early childhood educator?
    • No musical training? You can do this. It helps if you're prepared to sing to your children, but you don't need to read music or know music theory to run a very successful musical experience with your preschoolers and school beginners. You can deliver it once or extend the children's learning over several weeks.
    • All the ideas, music, images, and videos you need are in this resource. Simply follow the educator's notes and soon your children will be singing and playing with confidence. They might even surprise you with their readiness and eagerness to perform for their friends and families.
  • Music teacher?
    • Are you worried that you have little experience with young children? This resource is suitable for music teachers who are branching out into early childhood. All of the activities are expertly designed for the age range. This gives you the confidence to apply your musical skills and talents knowing you can communicate at the children's level of comprehension. The activities align with well-researched curriculum guidelines.
  • Musical parent or grandparent?
    • Not sure when your child should begin formal music lessons? Follow this 'best practice in early childhood education series to provide excellent, age-appropriate musical experiences at home during the preschool years. This will be time well spent while you wait for your child's development to reach the optimum stage for starting theory and practice lessons on a demanding instrument.
    • This teaching resource has everything you need except for four inexpensive musical instruments. You get age-appropriate activities, short music tracks and videos that children love, lyrics and a score, and even beautiful photographs of Argentinian farm life to illustrate the lyrics and make everything come to life for the children.

All you need to provide are these four instruments or homemade versions for each child and another set for yourself:

  • Maracas or lidded jars with a little raw rice.
  • Bells or pairs of metal teaspoons.
  • Guiros or graters and bamboo skewers.
  • Finger cymbals or metal cups and forks.


'Come and see my farm' is a multimedia package containing a full-color booklet of educator's notes, audio, videos, and a license to use the audio and visual media.


  • 'Come and see my farm' educator's notes:
    • Lyrics
    • Score
    • About the song
    • Materials needed
    • Activities
    • Learning outcomes
    • Extension activities
    • Images for teaching
  • License to use audio and video media in your teaching and learning settings.

Videos - mp4s

  • Come and see my farm - Maracas
  • Come and see my farm - Bells
  • Come and see my farm - Guiro
  • Come and see my farm - Finger cymbals
  • Come and see my farm - All instruments version for performance.

Audios - mp3s

  • Come and see my farm - Maracas (Vocal for the educator)
  • Come and see my farm - Bells (Vocal for the educator)
  • Come and see my farm - Guiro (Vocal for the educator)
  • Come and see my farm - Finger Cymbals (Vocal for the educator)
  • Come and see my farm - Maracas (Backing track for children)
  • Come and see my farm - Bells (Backing track for children)
  • Come and see my farm - Guiro (Backing track for children)
  • Come and see my farm - Finger cymbals (Backing track for children)
  • Come and see my farm - All instruments version for performance

Save hours of preparation time and allow your own creative juices to flow. I have designed this resource in an open-ended way to allow you to shine because it is you interacting with the children. There is plenty of creative space for you and them. The music, the videos, and the ideas are all there to support you in your important work.

Enjoy this activity and add your own ideas to it each time you come to it.


Percussion instrument array - Come and See My Farm

You should have a collection of classroom percussion instruments, enough for you and each child to have a set of 4 similar to the array in this photo (or make DIY instruments)

e.g. for you and 5 children, you need

  • 6 pairs of maracas e.g. egg shakers.
  • 6 sets of sleigh bells on a handle.
  • 6 small guiros and scrapers.
  • 6 pairs of finger cymbals.


Carol Biddiss

I teach early childhood music programming
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Early childhood educators and music teachers with a curiosity about early learning through music are the main focus of my work. Early childhood courses devote very little time to music and movement. These educators often feel as though no one ever taught them how to do music with the children in their care. They simply learn a few action songs...
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What's Included

File Size: 82M
Pages: 128
Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Classroom Management, Musical Instrument, Teaching Rhythm, Children's Performance, Music, Handling Classroom Percussion, Folk Music, Singing
Age groups: 18+ years

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