Crush Your Panic Attacks Workbook to Accompany the Crush Your Panic Attack Course

Learn how to crush your panic attacks, it will take you step by step to make a conscious action plan to “CAP” a panic attack in 3 steps to understand your progression of anxiety and know how to control them.
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About the Product

This accompanying workbook to the Crush Your Panic Attacks 3 video Course takes you Step by Step to Make a Conscious Action Plan to “CAP” a Panic Attack in 3 steps.

Panic Attacks or some call them Anxiety Attacks can happen anywhere and anytime and are one of the reasons they can feel so scary and affect the life you lead, avoiding functions with friends or family. They may feel like they will kill you, but they will not.

Even in the middle of the night, have you ever woken up, hot, sweaty, gasping for air, and thought you were going to die? Thinking what was that? A nightmare? Where did that come from?

I hear this story all the time from clients, as a 30-year mental health professional, counseling clients who have anxiety or panic attacks. If I ask them, do you have panic attacks? 99% will say, “I don't have those.” They might say “Sometimes I have a little anxiety, but I'm not on the floor fainting, so that's not a panic attack, right?

Panic Attacks Do Not Just Come Out of the Blue, there is a procession of anxiety that creates them Before they happen maybe even days or weeks before the final straw that blows it up into a panic attack, even if you are not aware of it.

This workbook will take you through the 3 steps to understand your progression of anxiety, what your triggers are, and your reactions in your thoughts that create that continuing anxiety progression to a Panic attack, and then you can control them.

Step # 1-Consciously Become Aware of the Thoughts That Are Provoking This Fear Emotional Reaction
There seems to always be a worst-case scenario thought associated with something bad that MIGHT happen. Or the “What If’s”. What if I fly on the plane, I might die. What if I go to that party and they laugh at me? Or thinking the worst will happen. No wonder you get fearful. It might start 2 weeks before that long flight. You might hear yourself starting the anxiety process saying, “I hate crowds, long lines at the airport, being crammed into the plane like cattle and I can’t get out.”

With these 3 steps in the “CAP it” proven system, you are learning ways and skills to handle previously scary situations.

Step #2 Action-Take a new action that will prove to yourself that you Can Handle your Anxiety
Use This On-Demand Calming Technique to develop a different attitude and action toward the situations that create your panic in specific situations.

Learn to breathe to calm yourself, to give yourself proof you are in control of the situation using the medically proven 4 and 8 Vagus Nerve Breathing that will calm you in minutes because medical scientists found that this particular combination of inhaling to the count of 4 and exhaling to the count of 8 stimulates the Vagus Nerve that then sends a calming chemical immediately into your body and brain. They call it the key to calmness.

Once you have identified the fearful thoughts or situations, Practice this calming technique by breathing in through the nose to the count of 4 and out through your mouth to the count of 8. Practiced slowly, for 2 minutes, it will calm you immediately. This will give you the time to reevaluate your thoughts and reassure yourself that you CAN handle what happens, no matter what.

This medically proven breathing technique gives you a tool to calm yourself with the ability to shift a fearful thought to reassurance and build confidence as you become consciously aware of the anxiety thought and intervene before a panic attack happens. You have a new coping plan instead of avoiding situations.

Step #3 Plan- Make a plan to refocus the fearful thoughts to reassurance, breath to calm, and refocus on reassuring yourself that you can calm yourself to handle this situation now from a competent adult viewpoint.

Additionally, you could add a visualization of a beautiful place; the beach or woods that will immediately immerse you in a feeling of calm and safety, this adds to the reassurance by intensifying the feeling of peace and contentment.

Once you've identified the thoughts that are causing the panic, you can change them at the moment to come up with reassuring thoughts that help you feel relief and reassurance.

Your continual successes by intervening and stopping the anxiety from progressing to a panic attack will build new coping that you are in control of your own thoughts and feeling progression that had led to a panic attack.

The Key is to Believe and FEEL the Reassurance.

You could say to yourself, “I've done this before; I can do this again.” “I will only worry about this if it happens, not until”, “It is imaginary, it’s just a memory, I am okay now”.

Be cautious of the old stories you tell yourself or others “The woe is me” or The “trauma drama” stories of how life has treated you. This doesn’t serve you anymore.

Realign your perspective, on what is happening now, refocusing on calm reassurance with a new attitude of success that you know can “CAP it” and control your anxiety progression.

Get the 3- video course to Crush your Anxiety and Panic Attacks in Minutes that goes with this workbook.

Disclaimer: This workbook is by no means a replacement for medical intervention or therapy. If you ever feel hopeless and have nothing to live for call or text 988.


You should have the ability to face a fearful thought to address it by breathing through it and changing an old thought to a new reassuring one.


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What's Included

File Size: 479K
Pages: 6
Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Skills: Panic Attacks, Breathing Techniques, Anxiety Control, Catastrophic Thinking, Stress Management, Psychiatric Service, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Calmness
Age groups: 18+ years

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