E-Book: Seven Steps to a Positive Change in Your Teenager

Learn how to get your child to listen to you and open up, in 7 Days, without nagging.
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About the Product

Top three parenting mistakes that lead to arguing: 

Have you tried everything and haven’t been able to get the respect and great behavior from your child that you deserve?

Hello from Norway;-)

My name is Terje Nordkvelle, and after working as a coach for teenagers for over a decade, I have experienced that these are the most common mistakes parents make - and tips to what you can do instead.

1: Parents decide and give advice too often.

Tip: Ask your child for answers. We all like to make our own decisions, and ownership of a change increases the chance of the teen going through with it.

​2: Parents address mostly the negative.

Tip: Give 80 percent of your attention to the behavior you are satisfied with. Then some of the problems tend to fade away.

​3: Parents interrupting.

Tip: Be present as a good listener. Kids do not need our presents. They need our presence.

​4: Parents going on autopilot, and being controlled by emotions.

Tip: Continue reading for more advice.

Coach's secrets:

By trial and error, I've experienced what it takes to build strong relationships with teens and stop their bad behavior.

I share these methods in my ebook "Seven Steps to a Positive Change in Your Teenager."

In this guide, you will learn the seven easy steps that quickly motivate your kid to do tasks at home, get better self-esteem, and become happier.

Ingrid: "Step 1 had a very good effect on my son... an extraordinary reaction."

With my British editor, Diane Weller, we covered these topics:

  • How to keep calm and in control.
  • Tips to stop arguing, make the youth listen.
  • Create a better relationship.
  • Motivate them to do tasks.
  • Increase self-esteem, help them to open up.

Rita: "Yesterday we had a long conversation and she opened up more. Today, she has been in a much better mood."

Do you transfer your insecurity to your child? Without knowing it? 

The first part is written to make sure you avoid that. The seven steps start on page 30. Steps 1 and 2 are really easy and fun and great for creating trust, so start with them. 

​Renate: "I have purchased a great book. The advice works! Thank you."

So, what's the smartest thing you can do to create a great relationship? How to master kids' anger and parenting without the struggle?

There is an excellent answer to that question.

And here's the secret I discovered: 

The key to a really good relationship lies in how well teenagers like themselves - in conversation with you. That's the solution.

Instilling good self-esteem is the most important job you can do. 

My step-by-step roadmap aims to ensure that your communication with your child leads to an inner feeling of security that they will enjoy for the rest of their lives. 

Nicole: "This book is a source of inspiration for me in my work with children and youth. This book means a lot to me."

Soon you can experience a warm relationship with authentic conversations where the teenager opens up and listens to you.

Good luck to you.


(If you have questions, please contact me here: terje@terjenordkvelle.com)

PS: This book is tailored to

  • Improve the relationship with your teenager.
  • Equip yourself with communication techniques that cause other people to enjoy your company.
  • Improve the child’s self-esteem and encourage positive thoughts about themselves, which is the key to a good life. 


There are no additional requirements.


Terje Nordkvelle

Communication Coach and Author
I help parents build self-esteem in their children.  * Children who dislike themselves are often angry or insecure. * Children who like/love themselves are harmonious, polite, and have inner peace and security.  


Terje Nordkvelle's School

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What's Included

File Size: 887K
Pages: 61
Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Positive Thoughts, Relationship with Teenager, Positive Change in Teenager, Child’s Self-Esteem
Age groups: 18+ years

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