The Book: Where to From Here - Cognition

Learn all of the cognitive processes that are involved in learning, remembering, and using knowledge.
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About the Product

Is there an absolute truth? This book presents you the evidence of the absolute truth and represents the boldest book claim ever made.

The authors are confident that they have written the little book of truth and that this event was prophesied in the Bible thousands of years ago. Wow, This is a must-read for all the true truth-seekers, spiritual seekers, and wisdom lovers looking for an understanding of the big picture of Life on Earth. If you are asking "Where to from Here?", you definitely need to read this electrifying and enlightening book.

The focus of the book is on tracking the truth of the past, present, and future of humanity and delivering to you the pearls the authors dug very hard. It is a very unique book with an objective of being objective; the first two editions of the book were written by the author Andre Martin Slade and the final edition is the result of the Divinely designed duo working together in order to arrive at the Absolute Truth.

The co-author Katarina Krizaniova is a certified genius of Logic with an IQ of 144 measured during her primary school; she used this great gift to make sure the information is valid, provable, and proven. The authors represent opposite hemispheres, ages, sexes, cultures, and backgrounds and this fact alone makes this book an amazing adventure as they met on a mini-marathon and intuitively started working together.

You will need to read the book to get to know Their story. They designed the book as a step-by-step guide to accompany you on your journey to finding the treasure of all the treasures: wisdom. Katarina traveled across the globe with a 1-way ticket guided by her Intuition in order to answer her Divine call. She has left everything behind and focused on helping her partner Andre Martin to deliver the message to the best of their ability. She was willing to overstay her entry permit to South Africa and eventually was even Illegally imprisoned for 33 weeks (8 months) by the SA government because of dedicating her life to this work. This is a real dedication. They both are willing to die for the truth, just like Jan Hus, Joan of Arch, The Son of God Yahshuah (known as Jesus) and so many others did. They stand by what they believe.

The book contains some serious and difficult-to-digest information and is full of out-of-the-box perceptions, providing you with a map to your Freedom. You need to read and digest this book in order to fill your top human need: the need for self-actualization. This need is only preceded by the need for self-transcendence.

Where to from Here: Cognition is as essential as a dictionary; friendly, funny, shocking and most of all enlightening book that will let you walk through the gate of truth into the Wonder-life. It contains tough love and truth but it is the only way your light bulb can shine, by receiving a truth signal.

This is a real wonder book; it inspires you to wonder and rediscover a sense of wonder all children are born with. You need to read it to experience the empowering effect.

Are you ready to transform your life and step out of the matrix of lies? Are you ready to answer the call of duty? Are you ready to become a light bulb that actually does what it was designed for: spread light?

In this time of chaos, when you feel overwhelmed by so many contradicting stimuli, lost in a world full of lies, and half-truths, and depressed by society's rules, this will become your lighthouse and help you become someone else's lighthouse.

Trust your intuition that brought you here and start the journey of all the journey now.


In order to get the full benefits from reading the book, you need to:

  • You should have a deep desire to gain understanding, wisdom, and truth.
  • You should have the desire to self-actualize and follow your fate.
  • You should be open to new ideas.
  • You should be willing to let go of the past programming,
  • You should be brave to face the truth.
  • You should understand English well.
  • You should be able to judge the book by the inside, not by the cover.
  • You should have to trust but check.
  • You should be spiritually inclined and curious like a cat.
  • You should have basic general knowledge.
  • You should humble yourself and acknowledge your ignorance.


Where To From Here

Counselors of Wisdom.
Andre Martin Slade has been on an amazing journey to find the truth. After many years of research into all the main disciplines of humanity, He published the first edition of the book Where to From Here in 2011. He has been awarded for his excellent mechanical design (SABS), wildlife photography, he is working on a free-energy generator always...
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CHF 9.99
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DKK kr75.51
ISK kr1,521.19
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What's Included

File Size: 2M
Pages: 311
Language: English
Level: Advanced
Skills: Increased Understanding, Mental Health, Perceptions, Increased Self-Confidence, Spirituality, Self-Belief, Self-Actualization, Transformation, Personality Traits, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Empowering Effect, Self-Transcendence, Reasoning
Age groups: 18-65 years

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