1-Week Masterclass: Trading Financial Markets

During this one-week masterclass we will develop your understanding of how markets operate and how to trade them. We can take you from zero to hero in just one week, providing the foundations to start your trading career.

1-Week Masterclass: Trading Financial Markets

During this one-week masterclass we will develop your understanding of how markets operate and how to trade them. We can take you from zero to hero in just one week, providing the foundations to start your trading career.
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About the Class

About this live Class

1-Week Masterclass – Trading Financial Markets

Contact info@symaxfintech.com for available dates.

During this one-week masterclass, we will develop your understanding of how markets operate and how to trade them.

This course focuses on financial markets such as forex, fixed income, stocks, indices, and short-term interest rates (STIRs).

We provide a certificate to those completing the course.

If you decide trading may be the career path you wish to take, we offer an accredited masterclass to get you there.

Live courses are the best and most effective way to learn as you interact with your trainer and receive invaluable feedback.

What will learn in this live class?

  • How the markets operate
  • How to trade the various financial markets
  • How to take only high-probability trades
  • What impacts the financial asset classes?
  • Correlations between asset classes
  • Managing risk
  • How to use technical analysis
  • Big data

About the course and us

The Symax Fintech Academy is a leading ed-tech company, training individuals from novice to pro level. Our workshops and masterclasses have been used for over a decade to provide the knowledge and trading skills required to turn trading into a career.

Each course and workshop is designed to accelerate the learning process by combining theory with practical sessions. Symax also has a prop trading desk, and we use our courses to identify the gems coming through and offer them the opportunity to join us.

Our courses are designed to accelerate the learning process.

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The Symax Fintech Academy

We provide top-quality courses at affordable prices and have many testimonials from our satisfied students.

About Chris Tubby


I'm Chris, senior director of trading and education for Symax Fintech.

I have been trading for over forty years across all asset classes.
Although I have worked for commodity companies and a bank, I have traded my own capital for most of my career.

As a leading trader educator, I spend much of my time helping others achieve their dream of becoming a trader.
For my career details: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-tubby-15008615/

With this course, you also receive a copy of my e-book Master Trading

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All courses are currently held online and delivered in English.

Class Contents

> Fundamentals that impact the financial markets

> How all markets are correlated

> The various trading techniques used by pro traders

> How to manage risk and assess risk-reward

> How to analyze charts and use them to identify high-probability trading opportunities

Each day is broken into two sessions. The morning session is theory and the afternoon is the opportunity to put theory into practice, using a pro trading system and real-time data on various asset classes.

Begin your trading journey today

Lesson 1 (Day 1) – Fundamentals impacting the financial markets Part 1

> An introduction to macroeconomics

> Asset classes

Lesson 2 – Trading

> The terminology used in trading and the markets

> The history of trading

> What trading is and what it takes to become a trader

Lesson 3 – Practical Session 1

Begin your trading journey by practicing with guidance from our expert trainer

Lesson 4 (Day 2) – Fundamentals impacting the financial markets Part 2

> Big data and its impact on the price

> Covid and how countries economically managed the pandemic

> Russian/Ukraine war

> Inflation

> Interest rates

Lesson 5 – Technical Analysis

> Different chart types and indicators used by professional traders

> Identifying trends and using support and resistance to help manage risk and identify opportunities

> How it assists with timing our entries and exits

Lesson 6 – Practical Session 2

Continue practicing your trading by experimenting with a variety of asset classes with guidance from our expert trainer.

Lesson 7 (Day 3) – Risk Management

> How to manage risk in trading

> What is risk-reward

> Why set stop losses in the market

> How to protect profits to maximize them

Lesson 8 – Trading Techniques

> Various trading techniques used by professional traders

> How to build positions

> How to exit positions

Lesson 9 – Practical Session 3

Continue practicing your trading by experimenting with a variety of asset classes with guidance from our expert trainer.

Lesson 10 (Day 4) – Trading Psychology

> How previous results will impact future decisions

> The emotions you experience in trading

> How to control your trading emotions

> How your character will help create your trading style.
Lesson 11 – Trading Plan

> Why you need a trading plan and what to include

> How to maintain a trading journal and what to include

Lesson 12 – Practical Session 4

Continue practicing your trading by experimenting with a variety of asset classes with guidance from our expert trainer.

Lesson 13 (Day 5) – Summary of the theory and next steps

> Overall understanding of the fundamentals of the financial markets

> Overall understanding of trading

> How to access the markets

Lesson 14 – Practical session 5

An extra practical session to continue practicing your trading and receive feedback regarding the week's performance.

Lesson 15 – Practical Session 6

The final session of your trading practice with guidance from our expert trainer and we end with a discussion on what to do next to continue your trading journey.


If you have an interest in the financial, commodity, or crypto markets and trading then this one-week masterclass on the financial markets will improve your understanding and improve any trading skills you may already possess. We help you understand how markets operate and how to trade them to provide solid foundations on which to build developing your trading career.

We provide a certificate to those completing the course.

Please contact; info@symaxfintech.com for available course dates. 

Course times can be adjusted if required.


The online course is delivered live via Zoom

  Language English
  Level Beginner to intermediate
  Skills An understanding of basic macroeconomics and how they impact markets, plus basic trading skills to continue to develop. How to manage risk and analyse markets. .
  Age 16+
  Time 10.30 am to 16.30 pm each day Monday to Friday
  Course Computer with a camera, microphone, and internet access



Symax Fintech

Educating for a better world.
Symax Fintech is a trading and education company based in Dubai and London. We train individuals in any and all aspects of trading financial, commodity and crypto (digital) markets. Our courses include one-day workshops, one-week masterclasses and our flagship four-week masterclass that may be taken as an accredited course. Currently, due to...


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Additional Details

Language: English
Level: Beginner
Skills: Macroeconomics Impact on Markets, Analyze Market, Basic Macroeconomics, Basic Trading Skills, Manage Risk
Age groups: 15+ years

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