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About the Class

Discussion topics include:

First Hour:  Run, Hide, Fight:

Department Of Homeland Security Video (7 Minutes), Sitational Awareness, Posture & Profile, Run (movement techniques), Hide (Cover & Concealment), Fight (learn how to disable an attacker), Entering A Room, Tueller Drill, OODA Loop, Combat Ratio, Proportion, Communication, Command Voice, Retreat & Withdrawl, The D List, Disabiling Techniques, Aftermath,The Police, The Law, Preparation and Readiness.

Second Hour:  Your Home:

Your Home Outside: Lighting, Motion Detection, Dogs and Dog Breeds, Dog Alarms, Defensive Bushes.  Your Home Inside: How to answer your door, Items for self defense, Staging, Safe Room, Door Types, Door Stop, Locks & Hinges, Barricade, Safe Room Content, First Aid Considerations, Fire Extinguishers, Preparation and Readinesss.

Third Hour:  The Psychology Of You:

Situational Awareness, OODA Loop, Color Codes, Situational Awareness Stories, Environments, Self Awareness, Primary Emotions, Fear, Managing Fear, Stress Scales, Secondary Emotions, Reflex, Instinct, Intuition, BLINK, Experience, Ask A Cop, Arousal, Breathing Exercises, Judgement vs Emotions, Locus Of Control, Responses To Research Questions, My Table Talk, Your Table Talk, Mindfulness.

Fourth Hour:  The Psychology Of Them:

Potential Culprits, Acive Shooter, Spree Attacks, Know Your Response, Know What To Look For, Captain Blanchard Video (7 minutes), Warning Signs, Criminal Psychology, Mudrers, The DSM, Cluster B, Personality Disorders, ASPD, Psychopath/Sociopath, Signs & Symptoms, Conduct Disorder, Psychopath, Signs & Symptoms (Ten Signs You Might Be A Target), Sociopath, Signs & Symptoms, Apperance, Similarities, A Few Words Of Wisdom, Gaslighting, Human Trafficking.



No prerequisites.


York Barrett

York is a retired U.S. Army Officer.  He has served in key leadership positions and has served as a Training Officer, Range Officer and Safety Officer.  He has also served as a Base Defense Officer and is a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.  As an Iraq War Veteran, York understands what Run, Hide, Fight really means....


York Barrett's School


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Additional Details

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Personal Protection Knowledge and Improved/Increased Situational Awareness.
Age groups: All ages

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