Learn key things about the principles of structure, budget, and profit performance of the firm.


Learn key things about the principles of structure, budget, and profit performance of the firm.
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About the Class

  • In my wide experience of over 45 years since my Admission as a Barrister and Solicitor, I have seen busy practitioners often wonder why they are so busy, seem to have good staff, but never seem to be able to break through into the realm of truly excellent profits.
  • Salaries and other expenses just keep going up, but fee production never seems to grow at the right pace.
  • Cash flow often seems much tighter than it should be, and those never-ending cycles of tax payments can create periods of totally unsatisfactory stress.
  • Overdrafts seem to be getting bigger without the apparently better returns to justify the extra risk and exposure.

Put basically, most private practice lawyers are very client work-focussed and do not know what they do not know about the profit potential for their already extraordinary efforts, so will really have very little idea what “excellent profits” would mean for them in their particular, unique, firm.

So, what is the KMSProfitGap™?

The KMSPROFITGAP is a term I coined more than three decades ago to describe the difference between the profit potential of the investment and infrastructure you have now (seen through the lens of my wide experience), and the profits you are actually generating from that assuming you are generating any. A very big percentage of small-medium legal firms generate no real profits at all. and in most that outcome is quite unnecessary.

The critical importance of understanding how to close the ProfitGap™ is that almost every additional dollar you will in the future generate properly, from your existing investment and infrastructure, belongs to you because your overheads are already being covered usually just being covered.

A simple example. A very small firm I looked at was producing a net income of just under $100K for the Principal. Of course, that’s not even a Principal’s salary these days.

Just one simple idea I gave the Principal that he implemented, consistently, year in and year out, ever thereafter, added $115,000 to his annual income more than doubling his rewards, and finally generating a true commercial profit. He’s now very happily (and eternally gratefully) retired.

You’ll be surprised to hear that not only did it not require any additional work, but it also cut his average daily time interviewing prospective clients by half overnight, saving him nearly two hours every working day.

In looking at over 1382 firms in consulting in the last thirty-four-plus years I have developed strong insights into the key problem areas, and have specific inexpensive proven solutions.

I’ve helped reduce the gaps between potential production/potential fees and firms’ actual results in large numbers of firms, with dramatic results for per Principal profit, this frees up Principals from juggling firm finances and reduces stress levels a great deal.

Recently, for example, we assisted a small firm in New South Wales and identified a fixable Principal’s ProfitGap™ of over $500,000 a year.

A ProfitGap™ in excess of $200,000 a year is a very common outcome of the analysis.

It matters little in terms of an action plan to go forward if my analysis reveals that you are not currently generating a profit.

The point is that almost every firm produces far less revenue than it clearly has the current potential to do, so implementing the systems and processes I suggest you focus on will make a significant difference to what you get to keep, whether it can truly be called extra profit or is in fact merely a significant improvement in the “salary” you have been getting.

Your Investment

You invest just AUD$1442.50 (plus 10% GST in Australia only) when you agree to have me do the KMS ProfitGap™ Analysis for you. The balance of the same amount is payable within 48 hours after our Zoom session.

Your usual KMS “Absolutely No-Risk” Guarantee.

I’ve done so many of these types of analyses we know we can achieve what you are expecting in terms of a wise heads-up, and are happy to back that up with our usual guarantee…in place for 34+ years.

If for some reason you are not happy with our KMSProfitGap™ Analysis, email me personally within 2 working days, and I’ll arrange for you to discuss any concerns you have with me before you pay the balance of your investment.

If I cannot address your concerns promptly for you at my cost, I will refund your full deposit investment.

Here’s all you need to do now Pay the deposit to LearnDesk, and please make sure you add your preferred email address.

You will receive an automatically generated email acknowledgment, which will be followed quickly by an email from me with a short questionnaire that will help me prepare for our Zoom meeting, to enable me to optimize my assistance for you.

N.B. If none of the currently scheduled Zoom sessions on LearnDesk suit you will easily arrange a session that does.

This is a great opportunity for you to head forward with a sensible clear KMSActionPlan™ to secure yourself the sorts of rewards from your practice that you so richly deserve from experience I’m sure you’ve already built most of the infrastructure that you do from now on is for getting you the benefits that have not been flowing properly and consistently to you.

I look forward to the opportunity to identify for you the key causes of the ProfitGap™ that exists in virtually every modern legal practice, large or small so you can begin to address the right issues and enjoy the very substantial additional income every year for the rest of your practicing career.


Requirements and prerequisites are covered in the description section.


Rob Knowsley LLB.

World-leading teacher of better law firm management for over three decades...10,230+ Linkedin Followers
Follow me on LinkedIn: After a career as a lawyer, I set up KMS in early 1988 as a platform for my mission to assist as many lawyers as possible to achieve more from their talents and passion for helping people. I believed then, and do to this day, that even the best lawyers are often their own worst enemies because...


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Additional Details

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Profit Gap Analysis, Practice Management Clarity, Profit Potential Awareness, Business Strategy Focus, Potential Production, Management Skills, Investment
Age groups: All ages

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