Trading Psychology: One-Day Workshop

During this one-day workshop we will demonstrate how emotions are triggered the moment a trader enters a position. How recent trading results will impact your next trading decision, and how to control emotions or at least reduce them.

Trading Psychology: One-Day Workshop

During this one-day workshop we will demonstrate how emotions are triggered the moment a trader enters a position. How recent trading results will impact your next trading decision, and how to control emotions or at least reduce them.
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About the Class

About this live Class

Trading Psychology

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During this one-day workshop, we will demonstrate how emotions are triggered the moment a trader enters a position. How recent trading results will impact your next trading decision, and how to control emotions or at least reduce them.

If you decide trading may be the career path you wish to take, we offer a variety of short and full courses to get you there.

Live courses are the best and most effective way to learn as you interact with your trainer and receive invaluable feedback.

What will you learn in this live class?

  • How emotions affect traders
  • How previous trade will impact future decisions
  • The need to control risk
  • How creating a trading and developing consistency reduces the impact
  • Which emotions are commonly felt by traders?
  • How breathing exercises and preparation may reduce the impact of emotions

About the course and us

The Symax Fintech Academy is a leading ed-tech company, training individuals from novice to pro level. Our workshops and masterclasses have been used for over a decade to provide the knowledge and trading skills required to turn trading into a career.

Each course and workshop is designed to accelerate the learning process by combining theory with practical sessions. Symax also has a prop trading desk, and we use our courses to identify the gems coming through and offer them the opportunity to join us.

Our courses are cutting-edge and designed to accelerate the learning process.

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About Chris Tubby


I'm Chris, senior director of trading and education for Symax Fintech.

I have been trading for over forty years across all asset classes.

Although I have worked for a bank, I have traded my own capital for most of my career.

As a leading trader educator, I spend much of my time helping others achieve their dream of becoming a trader.
For my career details:

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All courses are currently held online and delivered in English.

Class Contents

  • How emotions influence trading decisions
  • How previous results impact trading decisions and how pro traders manage their emotions in trading
  • Begin your trading journey today

Lesson 1 – Trading

  • Why emotions impact trading decisions
  • The key emotions traders experience in trading

Lesson 2 – Why previous results will impact future decisions

  • How a run of losses will impact your confidence
  • How a run of wins will impact your confidence level and become dangerous.

Lesson 3 – Controlling risk

  • Managing risk and establishing strong risk-reward ratios
  • Placing top losses protecting profits
  • Cutting losses and running profits
  • Setting maximum daily/weekly/monthly limits
  • Managing your trading capital

Lesson 4 – How to control emotions

  • Develop a solid trading strategy
  • Creating a trading plan and what to include

Lesson 5 – Preparation

  • Preparing for the trading day
  • Am I ready to trade?
  • Breathing and focus


If you have an interest in the financial, commodity, or crypto markets and trading then our trading psychology workshop will improve your trading. We help you understand how to manage your emotions to improve performance. 

Please Contact; for available course dates. 

Course times can be adjusted if required.


  • The online course is delivered live via Zoom
  • Course Criteria
  Language English
  Level Beginner to intermediate
  Skills Controlling emotions to improve trading decisions and performance.
  Age  16+
  Time 10.30 am to 16.30 pm (UK)
  Course Computer with a camera, microphone, and internet access - Zoom



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Additional Details

Language: English
Level: Beginner
Skills: Controlling Emotions, Improve Trading Decisions, Improve Trading Performance
Age groups: 15+ years

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