7 Week Author Activist Collaboration Class

Learn how various different styles and models of leadership throughout the ages have been understood and implemented.

7 Week Author Activist Collaboration Class

Learn how various different styles and models of leadership throughout the ages have been understood and implemented.
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About the Class


Similar to the workbooks you will work through for each module, the idea of this is for you to crystalize your thinking, set your intentions and familiarise yourself with the layout of the textbook, and prepare you for the journey ahead.

To access the content on this particular course you will need to be able to view pdf documents and be able to watch the short videos related to each module. The videos are a supplementary aspect of the course, so if you do not have a video player, do not worry. You will still get a huge amount of value from this course.

What will you learn in this live class?

  • What is your passion project?
  • What gets your goat?
  • You're why for doing this course
  • When did you last give yourself a pay rise?
  • Time to triple your investment – emphasis on time.
  • The environment is everything, so time to cleanse and renew.
  • Prices, profits, and bottom lines.
  • Author Ass – it really is a thing, so get moving.

Module one – Leadership through the ages

The focus: To understand how various different styles and models of leadership throughout the ages have been understood and implemented, and how they led us to where we are today.

The outcomes:

  • Understanding what has served us well and why.
  • Identification of the ethical and moral challenges of leadership.
  • Analysis of today’s leadership and our own responses to it.
  • Ideas for a new paradigm of leadership in our chosen field of expertise.

The topics:

  • Pharaohs, Kings, Prophets, and Military
  • The last 150 years in politics and commerce
  • Leadership models: Politics, Media and Humanitarians
  • What do you notice about ethics and morality?
  • Trends and modalities: Their relevance in today’s society
  • Predicting what is needed moving forward
  • What do you choose for yourself and your community?

Module two – Natural born leaders

The Focus: Is leadership a natural state of being, or can it be nurtured? If it is something that can be taught and embodied, what lessons can we learn from the natural world and the legacy of leadership thus far?

The outcomes:

  • Understanding natural leaders outside of humanity and how it benefits us all.
  • Identification of the true characteristics of leadership from a new perspective.
  • Analysis of what it means to be a true authority and leader.
  • Development of new leadership styles and modalities for your future.

 The topics:

  • The penguin model
  • Meet the matriarch
  • Pride comes before a fall
  • Nature or nurture
  • Characteristics of a leader
  • What is leadership
  • Leadership versus authority

 Module three: It’s a cultural thing

 The focus: Understanding culture in all its entities as a global entity, drilling down to what it really means to us as individuals within nations, genders, generations, and our individual selves.

The outcomes:

  • Understanding our own view of culture and what that has meant up until this point.
  • Identification of discrimination and gaps within cultures and your marketplace.
  • Analysis of how amplification of your voice will impact your chosen culture group.
  • Development of a culture map that will help you reach your target market(s).

The topics:

  • Cultural awareness and its importance.
  • Flags, Food and Feminism – what do they represent?
  • Diversity, Education, Innovation, and activism.
  • Actions speak louder than words.
  • State of the world.
  • Media agendas, Ethics, and VPNs.
  • Changing the narrative.

 Module four: A voice for the people

The focus: Getting present to the depth of human rights violations and social justice projects out in the world and whether they simply lip service, fighting a losing battle, or making a difference. Understanding what this all means for your book, future projects, and humanity as a whole.

 The outcomes:

  • Understanding the UDHR and how the various articles are met with your project.
  • Identification of what is truly going on in your chosen subject of expertise.
  • Analysis of champions, media channels, and opportunities.
  • Development of a culture map to guide you to reach your goals and target market(s).

The topics:

  • Current dialogue and damage.
  • Humanitarian Rights versus humanity.
  • A louder voice or a new voice?
  • Lies, Legalities, and Litigation.
  • Who’s Who is the community?
  • What’s the point?
  • Leaving your ego at the door.

Module five – Your net worth convictions

The focus: Tapping into the higher realms of your consciousness and identifying where imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, and your loyalties really lie.

The outcomes:

  • Understanding your languages and how they are impacting you and your vision.
  • Identifying your worth and placing it into a context that honors your legacy.
  • Analysis of the market to understand where and how to position yourself.
  • Development of a financial plan which evokes action and excitement in your life.

The topics:

  • Deeper underground to ascended master
  • Energy never lies
  • What are you really worth?
  • Who is in your network?
  • Confusion to collaboration
  • Building momentum
  • Two months to triple your ROI.

 Module six – Brand yourself your way

The focus: Taking an in-depth look at yourself and your life thus far and identifying all the deep core aspects of who you are and why you are the way you are. Combing these new insights with all you have learned so far and create a powerful brand and story.

 The outcomes:

  • Understanding permission and the power of it and how that impacts your market.
  • Identification of your most powerful and pivotal moments – and their price point.
  • Analysis of your current market and network so you can shift to the next level.
  • Development of your pitch to cleanse your space of the concrete boots.

The topics:

  • Who gave you permission?
  • The glory of your story
  • Who are you messaging?
  • The color of your collar.
  • Pricing yourself into the right market.
  • Imposters are at the door.
  • Pitch perfection.

 Module seven: Blow your own trumpet

 The focus: Drilling down on the power of your story so far and the key points which need to be showcased in your final manuscript, whilst stepping into ownership of who you are, who you have become, and who you will become in the future.

 The outcomes:

  • Understanding the style of writing you have harnessed and your author's voice.
  • Identification of what you are saying and not saying, and to whom.
  • Analysis of the translation market and additional marketing assets and locations.
  • Development of your media team, media assets, and networks.

 The topics:

  • The pen is mightier than the sword.
  • Pen to paper
  • Speaking a different language.
  • Reading the air.
  • Lost in Translation.
  • Team players
  • In the media

 What’s next?

 Bonus group session

 The focus: A group debriefs where we will bring together all aspects and assets we’ve created along this journey together so you can boldly step out into the world feeling confident and ready to launch your book into the marketplace.

 The outcomes:

  • Understanding and getting present to all you have achieved over the last 7 weeks.
  • Identification of your next steps and how to make sure you achieve them with the right people.
  • Analysis of how to harness the current trends and news stories and them for traction.
  • Development of your plan of action.


As a learner of this course, you should have to have an intermediate level of English and be willing to open your mind to possibilities you may never have considered before.


Dawn Bates

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Dawn Bates, also known as ‘Ms Mermaid’ due to her love of the ocean, is best known for her thought leadership, deep wisdom and high energy, not to mention her trademark giggle and cheeky sense of humour. An international bestselling author multiple times over on five continents, author coach, business strategist, and publisher, Dawn specialises...


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