Learn key insights that will enhance your career every step of the way, from the most experienced teacher around.


Learn key insights that will enhance your career every step of the way, from the most experienced teacher around.
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About the Class

Becoming an Equity Partner at 25 years of age, and coaching many aspiring and new Principals over the last 35 years, gives me a particular perspective on the support new Principals and aspiring Principals need.

One thing that hasn’t changed much at all is that lawyers continue to work very hard in the best interests of their clients, but often shoot their own feet off when it comes to getting paid what they’re worth.

In the most recent year that I could get figures for from the Australian Taxation Office, lawyers’ incomes did not rate in the top 20 job categories.

Law is a profession certainly, but there’s nothing unprofessional in sensibly earning a very good income doing what you love to do, especially after all the effort you put into getting qualified, and the time you spent in that phase of your career. One particular response I provide to this ongoing problem is mentoring, directly for individual lawyers, or via a firm offering mentoring to team members as part of their remuneration and support package.

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly been stressful and very disruptive, and good guidance is more important than ever as we all try to work out what is the new normal.

I’ve found that providing a month-to-month service with a 100% money-back guarantee works best for everyone.

As a special introductory offer to mark our relationship with LearnDesk Marketplace, the next ten arrangements we set up will require a monthly investment of just AUD$99 (plus 10% GST for Australian clients only).

Your 100% money-back guarantee of complete satisfaction.

At the end of any month’s membership in the program, contact me by email or schedule a Zoom/MS Teams meeting, and raise with me any concerns about the value of the program over the month just ended.

If I cannot fix the issue for you promptly to your complete satisfaction, I will refund up to 100% of the month’s membership immediately at your request.

The majority of the 1382 legal firms I have directly assisted so far in various countries have been small, and many have been start-ups, some approaching me for guidance before “hanging out their shingle”.

Some of the small firms I have assisted are now very large, with a national presence.

"The increase in the Firm’s profitability has been just as dramatic.

As well as providing monthly Feedback Reports and being available by phone/Zoom whenever needed, Rob provides us with insightful guidance on the myriad of things that arise in everyday practice from staffing issues to marketing and ongoing strategies for the Firm. I would have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Rob to anyone wishing to turn around the fortunes of their practice”.


  • I’ve always for the last 34 years been very happy to keep it pretty informal and flexible no wordy contract, just an exchange of emails, and everyone has been happy to work that way.
  • Monthly membership is due each month on the first day of the month, by any payment method LearnDesk accepts.
  • The only expectation I have is that if you would like to discontinue membership for any reason you advise me when making a month’s payment so we can organize a debrief and some additional inputs and guidance.
  • We will set aside an hour each month in advance (and make a Zoom appointment) at a time that suits you to talk in the days beforehand you will email progress from last time (accountability works) and give me a heads-up on things to discuss, including any developments arising out of what follows.
  • In between times, we can also organize shorter chats as needed no time limits.
  • Anything goes on areas for discussion. I’ll be quick to indicate if it’s beyond my experience and have nothing pragmatic to add.


There are no additional requirements.


Rob Knowsley LLB.

World-leading teacher of better law firm management for over three decades...10,230+ Linkedin Followers
Follow me on LinkedIn: After a career as a lawyer, I set up KMS in early 1988 as a platform for my mission to assist as many lawyers as possible to achieve more from their talents and passion for helping people. I believed then, and do to this day, that even the best lawyers are often their own worst enemies because...


Rob Knowsley's School


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Additional Details

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Professional Business Awareness, Client Focus, Career Building Insights, Management Skills, Key Skills Development, Pricing Confidence
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 60 minutes

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