Learn how owners of small law firms need plenty of inexpensive experienced assistance to avoid making the same old mistakes thousands of other lawyers have made. This ongoing support is a proven way to get it.


Learn how owners of small law firms need plenty of inexpensive experienced assistance to avoid making the same old mistakes thousands of other lawyers have made. This ongoing support is a proven way to get it.
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About the Class


I have run Knowsley Management Services (KMS) to assist small legal firms, the big bulk of legal firms the world over, since early 1988. I retired from legal practice to start KMS.

Monthly membership is due each month on the first day of the month, by any payment method LearnDesk accepts.

The only expectation I have is that if you would like to discontinue membership for any reason you advise me when making a month’s payment so we can organize a debrief and some additional inputs and guidance.

We should set aside an hour each month in advance (and make a Zoom appointment) at a time that suits you to talk in the days beforehand you will email progress from last time (accountability works) and give me a heads-up on things to discuss, including any developments arising out of what follows.

In between times, you will email me drafts of articles, newsletters, etc for input (including anything where you want to set out plans in writing) or questions, and we can also organize shorter chats as needed no time limits.

Anything goes on areas for discussion. I’ll be quick to indicate if it’s beyond my experience and have nothing pragmatic to add.

  • Pricing improvement incl various fee options
  • Business development
  • Expectations of employees
  • Budgeting
  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Flexible working
  • Credit control
  • Profit improvement
  • Remuneration strategies and the place of bonuses
  • Employee-to-principal leverage
  • Contact relationship management on how to really use it
  • Valuing and rewarding all appropriate work on the firm’s business plan
  • Why you must win the war on valueless time
  • Fee disclosure tips
  • Performance review important do’s and don’ts

There’s no obligation to do this but I have found it very helpful, so I’d be interested in you putting together a work plan setting out your goals for how you will split your intended time investment between ClientTime and FirmTime and thinking about different types of work, target percentages of each, and fees, and therefore a blended rate that is fully recoverable. If you need a version of a KMSWorkPlan to experiment with just yell out.

If you currently have a business plan and budget, I’d like also to review those in preparation.

Your investment

AUD $199/mth (plus GST in Australia only in all other countries it is an exported service free of Goods and Services Tax), monthly in advance with no lock-in

NB This assistance is normally AUD$685 per month but as special pricing to mark our new relationship with LearnDesk Marketplace, we’re offering the first ten firms to join the program a massive 30% discount.

Your 100% money-back guarantee of complete satisfaction

At the end of any month’s membership in the program, contact me by email or schedule a Zoom/MS Teams meeting, and raise with me any concerns about the value of the program over the month just ended.

If I cannot fix the issue for you promptly to your complete satisfaction, I will refund up to 100% of the month’s membership immediately at your request.

Looking forward to working with you closely and assisting you in this way to add great value to your firm and career.


The things I suggest are listed above in the detailed description.


Rob Knowsley LLB.

World-leading teacher of better law firm management for over three decades...10,230+ Linkedin Followers
Follow me on LinkedIn: After a career as a lawyer, I set up KMS in early 1988 as a platform for my mission to assist as many lawyers as possible to achieve more from their talents and passion for helping people. I believed then, and do to this day, that even the best lawyers are often their own worst enemies because...


Rob Knowsley's School


No scheduled events are available for booking for this class.


Payment Plan
per month
6 payments
Free trial: 14 days
14 days money-back

Additional Details

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Legal Practice, Accelerated Learning, Time Investment, Knowsley Management Services, Twists and Turns, Business Development, Key Management Service
Age groups: 18+ years

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