Introducton: Barry Nicolaou

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About this course: Welcome to my online course taken from my 1 best selling book the 11 master secrets. My whole passion in life is for you to figure out what drives you. There are so many of us that miss opportunities and are plagued with self-doubt to even look at what our strengths are and how we can monetize these strengths to get out of making someone else's dreams more important than our own.

This is now about you, and what you're now taking seriously your path to be of service to yourself and others. What you have in this course for each section:

  • The introductory description on a master secret
  • Your booklet you can download and write your answers in
  • Opening video from me on the master secret being discussed
  • Action step video to help guide you through what to look for when jotting down your answers.

Altogether you'll have 55 life-altering questions along with accompanying video to expose who you are. At the end of this course, you'll have a blueprint on what to focus on/and what's holding you back. First things first, see if you can answer the 1 big question in this vid introductory lesson. This question will shape this whole course and how you manifest in your future. See you inside.

P.S and remembers you've got this.

Barry x

We'll cover the following topics in this section:

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