Master Secret 8: Trusting the Process for Your Highest Success and Growth

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Master secret 8: Trusting the process for your highest success and growth

‘Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Love yourself; trust your choices and everything is possible’ Cherie Carter Scott Let’s talk about mistakes say what? I have introduced to a little concept of ‘mistakes’ a little while ago, and the more I lived it, the more I saw evidence of its existence as a solid theory for perspective on our downfalls. What many of us would plainly refer to as mistakes, always plays a vitally important life lesson and the gaining of wisdom for our future. The problem however lies with believing mistakes are a bad thing and are to be avoided. We’re almost hard-wired to avoid making mistakes and are frowned upon by people who seem to not make many. Reality check here; the people that don’t make any mistakes never become all they can be. They live in a cocoon of comfort and wonder why they have a growing sense of dissatisfaction with life.

Life = choice = decision = better decision.

However, making the same mistake again is always a decision. In creating your own business, marriage, home, or adventure we must be able to trust our decision-making process and know that the best decision is being made today with the information and experience that we have available to us. Repeat this note every day I am worthy. I believe that I have a unique contribution to make in this world and at this time. I will find it, expose it, and simultaneously live my personal truth and be of great value to the world. This is the reason I was born.

Let’s dive into our 5 questions on trusting the process for success.

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