Master Secret 5: Know the Conditions Are Never Going to Be Perfect

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Module 5 master secret 5: Know the conditions are never going to be perfect.

‘We must stop procrastinating waiting for the perfect time. It doesn’t exist. Rediscover your mission and hoist the sails’: BN.

As human beings, we’re all about the ‘how’ in achieving our dreams. Time is usually the excuse we give ourselves to ‘why we can’t do something. But if we really want something, we’ll find a way if we don’t, we’ll generally find a valid excuse, like not having the time. Excuses, valid or not can occasionally seem important but this is the time to get serious about becoming the best version of you and aligning yourself with your life purpose nothing else really compares. Once we get past the ‘having the time’ conversation, the question inspires us with how we get from Point A to Point B without destroying ourselves.

In a client’s recent example, the way we get from point a not picking up a violin to point b being a violinist is gradual. Just think about this little fact.

1 hour a day = 365 hours a year.

365 hours a year equates to 6 weeks (45 days) worth of 8 hour days.

How encouraging is that? So from 52 weeks, you now have 58 weeks. You’ve become a time thief. You’re stealing the years back. It’s about our ability to be resourceful in overcoming any ill-conceived notions about wrong or right conditions, solely to be who we are. If you’ve been given an opportunity the timing, growth, and lessons are perfect for you to proceed.

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