Master Secret 9: Know How to Break the Rules Like a Pro

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Master secret 9: Know how to break the rules like a pro.

You have to do the things today others won’t do, to have the things in life others don’t have: Les Brown

To break the rules you have to understand your own story and take note of the experiences you’ve had that have lead you to the person you are today. These experiences have shaped you and have given you the scars that you can now use as ‘experience’ to shape the person you want to become When you become a person who discovers your purpose, you start separating yourself from the norm and discover something new about yourself. On that journey, you will also face disappointment from the truckload. Some people won't believe in you, won't join you and some won't share your vision for the future but to carry through despite this over a sustained period of time, in the face of uncertainty is exactly what makes successful people get where they want to be.

Note to self: re-read the above paragraph 3 times a day. So how exactly do we break the rules and what rules do we break?

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