Master Secret 10: You Become What You Think about Most

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Master Secret 10: You become what you think about most.

“People feel they’re successful when they earn a lot of money, however, you can only earn a lot of money, once you’re successful at what you do.”: Earl Nightingale 

About Earl Nightingale: The hero in this master secret is earl nightingale. Earl wanted to know the reason why some men ended up successful in life, while others ended up broke. Both were given the same amount of time to ‘make the grade’ financially yet the puzzle that perplexed Earl was the extreme variances in outcomes. In his audio recording of the 1960s, Earl reveals “The strangest secret in the world” postulating of course that it’s no secret at all. His research leads him to the unarguable fact that a man becomes what he thinks about most. Incredible that something so simple can have such drastic outcomes. So in light of earl and his master of thought mindset, we are asked to focus on our lives and ask some hard, honest questions:

  • What are we doing with our lives today that can move us over into what we love? Is our thinking aligned with that goal, or do our thoughts drift 80% of the time? How can we get thoughts back on track when they get us thinking of other people’s problems?
  • Do we get hooked on the negative conversations and continue the cycle?
  • Can we do away with any type of news program, negative people, or sad situations that consistently keep us downtrodden?
  • Are we reliving a past transgression over and over again? (Research tells us every time we re-live a part of our past, every cell in our body believes it’s happening to us today
  • Are we going through it or growing through it?
  • How can we shift our minds back to an “It’s possible” mindset for achieving our dreams?

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